Eggs are a magic weight loss food. Eating eggs for breakfast is a good option to reduce your calorie intake for the rest of the day. Eating eggs for breakfast will give you satiety and shall make you feel fuller for longer making you eat less for your next few meals. You end up having fewer calories and don’t feel hungry for a longer time.

Eggs are nutrient dense packed with a wide variety of nutrients like fat-soluble vitamins (A, D,E, K), vitamin B12, protein, zinc and iron. Besides being nutrient dense, each egg contains only 80 calories in whole. While the white portion of an egg contains only 35 calorie which is more beneficial for weight loss. Eggs are a complete source of protein, containing all the essential amino acids. It offers satiety and keeps you feel full. Each complete egg including yolk containing about 6 g of protein.

The past studies suggested fewer eggs should be taken because of high cholesterol. However latest researches have confirmed that egg whites doesn’t contain any cholesterol nor saturated fats and hence there is no limit to the number of eggs one can eat in a week as  a part of a healthy balanced diet. Note should be taken that the way you cook eggs like frying or scrambling can increase its calorie content because of the addition of butter or oil. Hence it is advisable to use egg in a sensible way to achieve the desired results. For a morning meal, eat eggs with whole-wheat toast and fruit which is high in fibre. Fibre provides an additional appetite control as it digests slowly. For an afternoon healthy snack eat a hard-boiled egg white, which will keep you full until your evening meal. You can also add chopped boiled egg whites to the salad.

The overall calorie intake is more important when one is trying to lose weight, and the kinds of food one eat affect the overall calorie consumption.

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