Body utilizes 1 calorie to warm 30 ml of cold water intake, therefore to burn 4 litres of water body will require approximately 130 cal.

Superhydration implicates drinking large quantity of water i.e. four litres or more per day, in order to increase the metabolism and as well as to detoxify your body. Consequently this will keep the body super hydrated, which is usually beneficial for optimum bodily function.

It is also essential that the water needs to be extremely cold, for the benefits to be felt. Individuals who follow super hydration techniques will lose weight much easily while also making digestion more efficient. To warm down the cold water the body has to burn more calories through heat exchange, thus promoting weight loss. Body utilises 1 calorie to warm 30 ml of water, therefore to burn 4 litres of water body will require approximately 130 cal.

Thus, superhydration is very valuable during a weight training program. Superhydration assists the functions of your Kidney and liver. Drinking large quantity of water also triggers fat loss. When the kidneys cannot perform their functions due to lack of water, then the liver will take up its function while ignoring it’s own function to metabolise stored fat into energy. Thus ceases the fat loss process.

Retaining appropriate hydration during outdoor workouts is essential to maintain good health and as well as to prevent heat related illness. When the body begins to dehydrate a person will start to feel giddy, may start having a headache, feel fatigued, vision become impaired and muscles will start feeling weak. All these symptoms are related to bodily functions which demands water.

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