Muscle gain certainly occurs as result of intense training, balance nutrition, steadiness, and proper rest, but it also occurs as a result of much in-depth interactions at the level of cells.

To decrease the inflammation of the injured muscles, the white blood cells (neutrophils and macrophages) infiltrate injured muscles. Cytokines are releases to attract more white blood cells along with satellite cells.

Satellite cells are dormant cells which get stimulated by the cytokines and get proliferated at the site of injury to the muscles to form much larger and stronger muscles.

Satellite cells have single nucleuses which act as a control centre to regulate gene expression. When stimulated by injury to the tissue they multiply and differentiate into mature cells by fusing to existing fibres to ultimately form new muscle protein strands and at the same time they assist with muscle repair.

For the activation of these satellite cells along with the stimulating factor like cytokines it’s also necessary to provide them with the right anabolic conditions like a well balance diet with right proportion of protein, carbs and fat, optimal hydration, and a sound sleep.

Besides the above factors also focus on other important factors which plays a significant role in the activation of satellite cell:

IGF-1 levels

  • To increase the bioavailability of IGF-1 consume at least 0.5 grams of fat per 2 kg body weight.
  • Consume 5 g of creatine before and after workout to boost your IGF-1
  • Consume 30 g of Whey Protein30 minutes before training and immediately after workout.
  • Drink at least 750 ml milk per day to increase IGF-1 levels.
  • Maintain your levels of vitamin D to raise the circulating levels of IGF-1.



It also plays a crucial role in increasing satellite cell fusion besides playing other roles like increasing intramuscular energy, glucose uptake, and protein synthesis.

  • To increase insulin production, eat around 40 g of simple carbs along with 30 g of whey protein within 30 minutes of workout.
  • Consuming alpha lipoic acid (ALA) supplement will enhance insulin sensitivity. Better insulin sensitivity will provide the energy necessary to stimulate satellite cell activation.
  • Maintain your blood levels of vitamin K.

Got enough knowledge? Then get started and pull some reps!

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