How to take mass gainer has been a resurfacing question since time immemorial.

But before delving into the main point of concern, let’s have a look at some of the additional things regarding mass gainers, which not a lot of people are in the know of.

Mass gainers are primarily for 3 types of people,

  1. Those with a busy and seemingly hectic schedule; who can’t get enough of getting to-and-fro in their daily lives and have difficulty managing enough time to have proper and well-maintained diets.
  2. People having weak appetites; who don’t take the actual required amount of food to meet their caloric needs, that are essential for growth.
  3. And the hard gainers; those people who face difficulty in putting on weight, let alone putting on or building muscles.

It doesn’t matter which category you fall under; mass gainers can take care of all of your mandates when it comes to gaining mass and muscle building.

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How to use Mass Gainer for Best Results?


A single serving of a mass gainer is capable of providing anywhere from 350 calories to 1200+ calories. But you want to use it in the right proportion, and only as much as is required.

In case of most people, the recommended 3 cups of mass gainer supplement mixed with 24 ounces of milk may be a little too high. And so, it’s recommended that you break it down in gaps with smaller amounts. This way you’ll not only be able to digest it properly, but will also be able to get on the habit of taking regular meals, which gymgoers are advised to.


Step by Step Instructions on How to use Mass Gainer properly

If by any chance you’re already acquainted with supplements, then using a mass gainer will not be too much of a hassle for you.

  1. The very first thing you need to know is that it’s normally recommended to mix the powder with milk and not water. Using water instead of milk will mean you, intaking almost 120 calories less and almost 8 gms of protein less.
  2. Muscle building is at its peak after 30 minutes of the workout and hence it’d be a good time to take your supplement. Not that consuming it at other times will be harmful or anything, but just that it’ll be good.
  3. For making the shake, combine the powder and the liquid (water or milk) by mixing the two.
  4. Try using a shaker or a blender if you see lumps in the drink, as it’s preferable if everything is broken down finely, which would also call for easy and complete digestion.
  5. The amount of powder will depend on your nutritional targets but generally, 1 – 2 scoops will be good enough.
  6. This could help you gain anywhere between 2 – 4 pounds in a week, but only if taken diligently with proper workout sessions.

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Some Tips and Techniques

  1. It would be good if you can maintain a proper timeframe for taking in the supplement.
  2. Eat something every 3 – 4 hours.
  3. Start prioritizing sleep.
  4. Love your workout sessions and do it passionately.
  5. Keep a track of changes.
  6. Try doing more non-machine workouts.

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The journey to a properly built physique has its own set of bumps and roadblocks and is never easy. All the more true in the case of different groups of people, we talked about above, like those with busy lifestyles and the ones with low appetites. Eating your way to your required calorie intake for growth might be a seriously daunting work for such types of people.

Mass gainers can turn out to be a real boon here with their packed calorie and protein content. So, use a mass gainer for gaining muscles, eat properly to maintain the macronutrient levels and workout regularly to shed the extra unnecessary kilos.

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