Green tea extract for weight loss is one thing we all are acquainted with. But, are we really familiar with the topic in detail. Do we know the correct green tea dosage for weight loss or how green tea extract weight loss actually delivers?

We choose to dwell on this topic, specifically, to understand how green tea extract weight loss fits into your workout schedule or what you should be exactly expecting from it when you include it in your cutting diet, for example.

So here I am today discussing with you on the merits and demerits of green tea extract for weight loss.

What is Green Tea Extract?

To understand the fundamentals of green tea extract and weight loss, you need to know that, green tea leaves are first steamed and then dried to make it fit for human consumption. Unlike the other forms of tea extracted from the Asian plant Camellia Sinensis, green tea is devoid of any fermentation or processing and thus, it retains its natural substance of caffeine, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and other benefits.

How does Green Tea Extract Benefit your Health?

Like I said, it retains its natural flavour including a natural molecule and an antioxidant polyphenol. The presence of polyphenol sums the up the many benefits of green tea extract weight loss for me. The various components of polyphenols including catechins, together, merit your health by improving mental focus, physical strength and increasing endurance.

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Does Green Tea Extract for Weight Loss Works?

Before I explain you the process of how green tea extracts exactly promote weight loss, is important for you to read through the pointers shared below to know how weight loss and green tea extracts follow a hand in glove approach.

  1. It is a natural antioxidant which strengthens immunity and helps maintain a good cardiovascular profile of an athlete.
  2. The catechins in green tea extracts improve endurance and promote weight loss.
  3. Polyphenols produce Glutathione, an antioxidant found naturally in our body. It is needed for strengthening muscles.
  4. Green tea extract raises your amino acid profile as it contains L- theanine, important for reducing mental fatigue and stress levels.
  5. Green tea extracts help you consume a regulated dose of caffeine, a stimulant for physical and mental activity.
  6. You get the benefits of vitamins including folic acid and minerals in one beverage.

So, How Does Green Tea Extract for Weight Loss Works?


I will keep it rather simple and direct now. I have listed most of the benefits which directly and indirectly improve workout performance and health. It is now good time to explain green tea extract for weight loss in detail.

1) Reduce Weight Gain

Epigreduceechin gallate (EGCG), a naturally occurring compound (a part of polyphenolic ) in green tea, reduces body fat, by lowering the energy/fat absorption on food consumption.

In simple words, it induces reduction in body fat not by reducing your diet or just by breaking the fat enzymes. It doesn’t allow your body to absorb the whole energy or fat from the food you eat, reducing the fat accumulation inside the body.

2) Mobilizes Fat inside the Body

The catechins (a molecule of polyphenols) found in green tree extract increases your fat oxidation. It helps in breakdown of stored fats in the body and converting them into a useful energy vent.

On one side, it increases our energy expenditure and on the other hand, it reduces fat storage content in our body. Catechins help in weight loss by improving our metabolism and help us flush out fat from our system.

3) Reduces Harmful Fat

The polyphenols in green tea extracts benefit your health by reducing weight in the abdomen area. Yes, we are talking about the belly fat, known as visceral fat existing around the body organs, prominently the waistline.

Green tea decreases the adipose tissue volume (the fat layer in our body) and thus, aids in reducing weight on the waist line. It regulates the sugar deposits in the living body cells by acting on fatty acid synthesis by triggering fat mobilisation when we consume carbohydrates.

4) Suppresses Appetite

Green tea extract weight loss activates peptide hormones, norepinephrine and dopamine, also known as catecholamines. The correct level of catecholamines helps you fight stress. Green tea extracts increase the level of these hormones and leave you in a good mood and less mental fatigue, and in this state of mind, you naturally desire to eat less.

It is also the EGCG, caffeine, and L-theanine in green tea extracts which strengthen your memory and improve the mental faculties by increasing the level of catecholamines.

Green tea extract weight loss increases the production of Cholecystokinin (CCK). In simple words, it increases the production of a digestive hormone called CCK which deposits food in the small intestine. CCK gives a signal to brain from the small intestine, where the fat is stored in the stomach in the first stage, that there is enough food now in the small intestine bag and thus, your stomach doesn’t need more food. If you eat more, you are over eating.

In simple words, CCK sends a signal to your brain at the right time that you have already eaten a good portion or as much you can digest now.

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Green Tea Extract Dosage

Green tea is both affordable and good for health, so does it mean we can consume it as much as we can? Sometimes, people do tend to consume more thinking that there is no side effect of the beverage and to get maximum nutrition benefits, we can consume as much as we like. But, this is not true.

Too much consumption can lead to acidic problems, cause nausea or feeling of discomfort, green tea extract has caffeine content in it. Every cup of green tea has 35-100 mg caffeine content and about 20-35 mg of GCG in it.

Green tea extract weight loss consumption should be 4-5 cups in a day so that you get a minimum of 150 mg of EGCG in a day.


Green tea is a safe herb which can be had every day. It helps lose weight and at the same time, it protects you from illness, keeping you energised both physically and mentally.

As for me, I don’t see any clear drawbacks for green tea extract weight loss except that a lot of drinking it can make you uncomfortable sometimes. Yet, there is a solution for this too, as you have an option to buy a decaffeinated form of green tea.

A real trouble can be to find the content or substance value of green tea. Like I said earlier, its benefits can be found in EGCG, caffeine, polyphenols, Catechins and L-theanine besides others. But, depending upon the green tea pack, which is different from region to region, the percentage of EGCG in one cup of brewed green tea may change significantly.

Please note that it is not just caffeine in green tea extract but caffeine and polyphenols both that can cause stomach upsets.

So a good idea is to have it in moderation and accompany the recommended dose with other supplements. You can have 4-5 cups to aid weight loss but for me, a correct green tea extracts dosage for weight loss is always a personal choice.

To get the green tea extract benefits for weight loss, you can also limit yourself to 2-3 cups in a day if you are having it caffeinated. But it is a good way to maintain a good waistline which we always desire and find it hard to sustain, don’t we?

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