Getting more muscular mass and lesser body fat is every bodybuilder’s dream. And simply working out or exhaustive training sessions don’t add much to it.

Many people associate the bulking activities with taking steroids. In the era of information technologies, are we still under this ignorance?

Well, bulking is the phase of muscle growth which can be achieved with proper bulking diet and regular exercise. It has nothing to do with steroids.

For bulking you need to have surplus supply of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates. All the three are crucial as the amino acids in the protein builds up the muscle; carbohydrates transport nutrients to the cells and fats help to regulate the testosterone levels during the bulking phase.

Simply put, you need to take extra calories to develop muscles. And to make these extra calories not accumulate as body fat, one needs to follow a steady routine of supplementing and regular workout. Proteins are regarded as one of the best supplements to regulate muscle growth, as they are responsible for repairing of tissues and a large part of muscle cells comprises proteins.

Let us figure out and answer more of your dilemma.

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Is Protein Powder Good for Bulking?

Protein powder is absolutely good for bulking!

If you want to gain maximum amount of lean muscle mass in minimum time, then you have to take protein supplements to supercharge you with strength, power, and recovery benefits in the gym.

What’s more, protein powder is the easiest way to consume enough of protein, which would be required for intense workouts. When you are bulking, it is important to ensure that your body has surplus protein and other calories. Having surplus protein means consuming more protein rich food and supplements than our body requires so as to sustain the gradual increase in the intensity of the training.

The protein power is the simplest solution for-

  • Increasing strength to take up more gym activities
  • Build muscular mass
  • Recover quickly from strain and workout injuries
  • Maximize anabolic activity within the body

Before starting the protein powder routine, you should consider you body’s protein requirement, which also depends on age, the regular food you eat, and the type of training you are performing.

The bulk protein powder are free from side effects and should be taken from trusted manufacturers and in the right amount and at the right time.

Hope this helps!

Let us now bring out the info about why protein is effective for bulking.

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Why Protein is Effective for Bulking


Since you require a lot, seriously a lot of protein while you are in a bulking phase; the daily food habit may not be able to supply all of the protein requirement.

To trigger the muscle growth, you need to have enough strength and endurance to perform the activities like- bench pressing, push ups, pull ups, dips, lifts, squats, etc.; and this can be achieved easily by having a ‘protein surplus’ physique.

Supplementing yourself with protein powder, throughout the day and after workout is vital for the success of the bulking phase of your training.

A good protein supplement gets easily absorbed, gives fuller look to the muscles, and gives maximum benefits of muscular growth even with the basic solvents like milk and water.

That is why we say that protein is effective for bulking.

Moving ahead, let’s take on to the best protein powder for bulking.

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Best Protein Powder for Bulking

Whey and casein powders are the important sources of protein supplements. Both whey and casein proteins are extracted from cow’s milk. In the naturally available cow’s milk, these essential proteins are destroyed because of heating, pasteurization, or other milk processing activities.

Among the two, whey protein powder is considered as the best protein for bulking because it is included in the higher grade of supplements and it gets easily absorbed by our body. A variety of whey protein is available in the market with different concentrations (i.e. amount of protein present in per unit of protein powder). The most common among them are whey protein concentrate and whey protein isolate.

For example, the MFF 100% Whey Protein is made from high quality whey protein concentrate and whey protein isolate in the 80:20 ratio respectively. This unique combination helps in the recovery of worn out tissues and speeds up the muscle growth. The 80:20 blend ratio of whey concentrate and isolate forms the best bulking protein.

So friends, we would love to know your story of bulking. Which protein or other supplement worked best for you to gain muscles; as we all have different physique. Do not forget to share them in the comments below as many can benefit from your experiences as well.

Happy Bulking!

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