Let’s learn how to build big biceps straight from the bodybuilders who have already built the best pythons in the fitness industry.

Here are some of the best tips on how to build strong arms by top bodybuilders!lean-body

Tips by Dennis Wolf on Bicep Workout Routine

In initial days of his bodybuilding career, Dennis wolf followed what he saw other guys doing.

When I started training at a small gym in Germany, I just imitated what I saw all the other guys doing”

recalls Dennis.

But sooner he understood that lifting heavy with improper form was not at all working.

And then he switched up the things, I was using not much more than half the weight I had been before, but I saw 10 times the results says Dennis.

Dennis Wolf has always emphasised more on getting optimum rest period for muscle to recover and grow.

Any muscle must recover fully between workouts to grow, and working biceps more often and with many sets is going to prevent most guys from seeing gains”, advices Dennis.

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Calum Von Moger (recognized as Arnold look alike among his fans) on Bicep training

According to Calum Von Moger, the secret to build big and strong arms is no more a secret these days. He advises to use heavy movements first up and then move towards isolation exercises. One of the biggest mistakes (that almost every newbie makes), according to Calum Von Moger, is lifting heavy weights with improper form and lack of focus.

“The key, I think, is the mind-muscle connection. If you don’t achieve it, the workout suffers”

says Calum von Moger.

Moreover, following the likes of Arnold, Calum Von Moger has always included Cheat curls in his bicep workout routine. He believes, Cheat curls when done right helps to achieve more reps than one could have done normally.

“With cheat curls, you do as many crisp reps as you can, but rather than setting the bar down when you reach a sticking point, you generate just a little bit of momentum through your knees and hips to keep the set going.”Toned-body

Ben Pakulski shares his thoughts on Bicep workout routine!

Ben has always advocated the use of heavy weights in bicep workout routine but with proper form and muscle contraction.

“Heavy weights are going to fatigue a greater overall percentage of muscle fibres in a shorter amount of time (aka less sets)”

says Ben.

He also believes that heavy weights stimulate high threshold motor units which are of great importance in growth of the muscle.

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5 x Mr. Olympia Phil Heath (aka The Gift) helps you prepare a top notch bicep workout routine

The Gift exactly knows how to build those mammoth biceps.

Phil Heath says that he has always given due importance to the negative half of the reps as much as the positive part. He advises beginners and intermediates to lower down the weights slowly so that muscle fibres get fully engaged.

“I like to do four exercises for both bis and tris every workout. Work those angles and hit every area of the muscles with a variety of dissimilar exercises.” says Phil.

And for all those who are finding it difficult to add even an inch to their biceps, Phil Heath has a master class advice –

“Your body adapts to stimulus very quickly. So you need to shock it and get it to respond all over again.”

To avoid hitting plateau, Phil suggests varying the bicep workout routine by adding drop sets and 7s or even changing the order of the exercise.

Pumped up? Hit the gym today and get the best out of you!

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