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L Arginine Dosage: Best Time to Take & How to Take?

L-Arginine is a semi-conditional amino acid with multiple benefits for muscle growth.

Like any other gym product, you will have to deliberate upon L-Arginine dosage and pay attention to minutest of details like what is the best time to take the arginine supplement.

I say, give close attention to the best time of L-Arginine, and there is a reason why I suggest so. A quick internet search will tell you many things about arginine dosage since it is used for many purposes together. However, we will only talk about the bodybuilding dosage, and even consider details such as how long will it take L-Arginine to work, in short, how soon can you expect it give results for you.

Again, I insist that you read on the discussion today- precisely, or you might end up benefiting from L-Arginine, not the way it was intended to be.

Best Time to take L Arginine


I start with the devil first. It is very important to be mindful of the time you should take the recommended L-Arginine dosage. I will talk about the quantity later; in this section, we will discuss the benefits of arginine vis-à-vis the best time for it during the day.

Timing is critical to enjoying the benefits of L-Arginine supplement. And, it is pre-workout, ideally half an hour or one hour before beginning the exercise. It will then elevate the nitric oxide levels in the body, paving for more muscle pumping, improved endurance and better workout performance thus.

It will also help in muscle recovery since the increased oxygen delivery and nutrients supply to the muscles continues working, to reduce fatigue and muscle soreness.

Another good time to take the supplement is post-workout. This can be your second dose of L-Arginine to increase muscle recovery, reduce soreness and completely get rid of the muscle fatigue, almost instantly. It will also initiate the muscle growth process.

At this time, it is also recommended to club other muscle recovery supplements dose with arginine and improve your recovery level many-fold. It happens so because the nutrient supply to your muscle is at an optimum level, therefore, any supplement dose will work at its peak efficiency.

Couple it with carbs or protein supplements like whey or creatine, ideally.

How to Use L Arginine

There are certain dos and don’ts about how to use arginine in its supplement form.

The first important fact to remember on L-Arginine dosage is, that, there is no standard dosage of this supplement. The recommended range is, however, between 2-18 grams in a day. If you overdose, there are side-effects like diarrhoea, nausea or weakness.

So, the best way out is to start with a lower dose, which makes the initial L-Arginine cut at 5-6 grams initially.  If you don’t feel any reaction of arginine, then, slowly start increasing the dosage.

My next point is related to use of L-Arginine dosage and growth hormones production.

Interestingly, medical research indicates that arginine and exercise don’t go together to stimulate or boost- High Growth Hormones. Now, GH stimulation is a benefit of arginine and it is important for bodybuilders since it burns fat, increases muscle growth, improves cell repair, and has a positive effect on metabolism too.

So, what is the solution? It is to take a high dosage (up to 8-10 grams) of arginine before bed. While you are sleeping, you can enjoy the benefit of increased growth hormone production and the other benefits as I mentioned before.

The bottom line is that arginine improves production of growth hormones when not taken around the workout time.

You can also take the arginine dosage first thing in the morning to feel more energetic and improve your blood circulation, for example.

During the day, you can take a 6000-mg dose to activate the nitric oxide production inside the body. The best way to have it is to mix 3 scoops of arginine powder in water and you can repeat this mix 2-3 times in a day, depending on your workout schedule. Also, remember not to take it along with meals or within half an hour before/after the meal. Do not mix it with other glycaemic drinks like flavoured water or juices

Before the bedtime, you can add 2 scoops of arginine powder in water and have it half an hour before going to bed, on an empty stomach. To enjoy the full benefits of arginine during the night, it is crucial not to have it with glycaemic drinks, food, or even other amino acids or supplements.

To close this part of the article, I cannot do without mentioning the best L-Arginine supplement. We know, how important it is to buy the best quality of a supplement and to add, the supplement I recommend is also attached to the facts of how to use arginine.

A related compound called AAKG or Alpha-Ketoglutarate (AAKG). Together, L-Arginine AAKG supplement is a top-shelf pick since it very effective for increasing muscle strength, energy and stamina. It does so by reducing the ammonia toxicity, to boost the peak workout performance as ammonia aggravates muscle fatigue and exhaustion.

In addition, your choice should be an advanced L-Arginine supplement like MFF L- Arginine Alpha-Ketoglutarate.

How Long to Take

L-Arginine should be taken continuously for 2 or 3 months. The single dose of 5-6 grams can be administered 2-3 times in a day.

After you take it for 2/3 months, discontinue it for 2 months before resuming it again for the 2/3 months cycle.

In the end, I would say it is important to make the best use of a versatile supplement like L-Arginine. It improves the efficiency of your workout in many ways together. The best thing is that arginine is easy to accommodate in your gym schedule. You don’t have to make any more or less of your supplements in use, since L-Arginine dosage will only improve the effects of your other gym products like protein or carbohydrate supplements, for example.

In our opinion, it is a big plus, so that I can continue with my gym diet almost without disturbance. The only word of caution for the L-Arginine supplement is to not overdose on it and give your body some time to adapt to it, naturally.

So, which is your pick-up time for L-Arginine?

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