If you are already into fitness, you can relate how difficult it is to gain the toned physique. Sometimes, our body’s metabolism is such that despite regular workout, we are unable to get rid of that extra fat.

Plus, the trainer wants to exercise more and more and on the other hand, we end up in dilemma as from where to get that energy.

Increasing regular diet is no solution because our diet comprises of lots of carbohydrates. Thus, an answer to the weight loss regime is l arginine. In this paper, we will discuss l arginine benefits and what could be the apt l arginine dose for weight loss.

Does L Arginine works for Weight Loss

Before we go further, let us have a quick glance at what is l arginine.

L arginine is a conditionally essential amino acid, found in our body. It is a popular supplement among athletes because it directly produces nitric oxide in our body.

Now, what is the importance of nitric oxide in our body?

Well, when we perform, our muscles require more oxygen, which the blood supplies. To increase blood circulation, our heart needs to pump with more pressure and in the process releases nitric oxide. This nitric oxide relaxes and widens the blood vessels, allowing more blood circulation. Therefore, more the nitric acid, better is the performance and l arginine suffices this requirement for training.

But, how does l arginine work for weight loss?


L arginine helps in weight loss in a number of ways-

>Weight loss due to increased nitric oxide level

First, since it increases the nitric oxide level in our body, we have more oxygen in our muscles to perform. More exercise means churning off more fat.

>Weight loss due to hormonal changes

Second, It acts as a catalyst for insulin activity in our body. This indirectly helps in manipulating the hormones which are responsible for improper fat metabolism. Though l arginine effect on hormones is mild, it helps in long run.

A study published at the National Centre for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) journal supports the effect of l arginine in the insulin level, provided used for a longer duration. You can read more about this paper here:

>Weight loss by losing belly fat

It targets belly fat. Many people who look obese mainly because of their belly fat; although they have the acceptable overall body weight. And losing the belly fat is one toughest task to accomplish for the beginners. L arginine helps in reducing the belly fat.

>Weight loss due to antioxidation

Some researchers have reported that l arginine improves the antioxidant level. The visible benefit of antioxidants in our body is reducing the aging. Another indirect benefit of antioxidants is keeping our body young and healthy at the cellular level. This incorporates metabolism of accumulated fat.

Hence, we can say, l arginine, directly and indirectly, impacts the weight loss procedure in our body. A common formulation of l arginine supplement is its combination with alpha ketoglutarate (AAKG). It enhances the smooth relaxation of blood vessels. Thus, you can feel comfortable as well while training.

Please note that l arginine is effective over prolonged use. I.e. you might not observe the weight loss immediately after using for a week or so. In the next section, we will discuss how to use l arginine for getting the maximum benefit.

How to use L Arginine for Maximum Benefit

To get maximum benefit from l arginine, one should combine this supplement routine with muscle building and aerobic exercises. Such exercise can help in maintaining the muscle volume. If you don’t exercise along with this supplement routine, then you might end up losing a part of your muscle instead of fat.


Thus, l arginine + exercise = losing bad fat.

The recommended dose of l arginine for weight loss is 2 to 6 grams before the workout. Taking l arginine 25 to 30 minutes before your workout can help in increasing blood flow and muscular pumping action in our body. If you need to maintain elevated l arginine level throughout the day, then the same dose can be taken 3 times a day.

Total 15 to 16 grams of l arginine daily, under the expert’s supervision, is harmless.

Different manufacturers infuse different concentration of l arginine in their product. We suggest to read the composition first and then decide on your dose. With some manufacturers, 2 grams per dose of l arginine could be sufficient and for some products, you might need to take up to 6 grams to get the same benefit.

If you are new to start l arginine routine, then we suggest giving a small start of up to 10 grams l arginine per day. You can increase the dose to the recommended level, once your body gets used to this supplement.

If you are considering to use l arginine for weight loss, we suggest giving MFF L Arginine Alpha-Ketoglutarate (AAKG) a try.

How to use l arginine for Healthy Weight Loss?

Take one fourth scoop (2 grams) of l arginine in a shaker or blender. Add 150 ml water. Shake it well and consume immediately. You can replace water with your favourite fruit juice to enhance the taste. If you are told to take l arginine, more than once, you can still repeat the process sometimes with water, sometimes with fruit juices.

Normally, l arginine has negligible side effects if taken in proper dose and accompanied by regular exercise. Still, initially, people can face diarrhea and gastric troubles. That is why we suggest starting small. If you are already on neural medication, then we suggest avoiding this supplement as it might conflict with your ongoing medication.

Folks, we hope you found this information about l arginine benefits for weight loss useful. If you have any doubts or suggestion regarding this supplement, feel free to contact us. We would be happy to help. And yes, stay tuned for our next paper on effects and side effects of l arginine.

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