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L Carnitine Dosage: When to take, How to Take, and How much to take

L carnitine is a popular supplement among athletes and bodybuilders for burning fat and enhancing performance.

If taken correctly, i.e. in right dose, L carnitine can take your endurance and physique to a next level. In this article we will discuss the ideal l carnitine dosage pattern for maximum benefit.

When to take L-Carnitine

Many of us are often in dilemma as when to take l carnitine. One of the best times to take l carnitine is after workout. Because, this is the time when the energy level is depleted in our body and l carnitine transports the fatty acids to the mitochondria to generate energy. For more information about what is l carnitine and how it works in our body, please read our article on “What is l carnitine.” (ND 26)

The natural food sources for l carnitine is red meat, soy, avocado, and some of the animal products. The l carnitine levels among vegans and vegetarians is reportedly low and this supplementation becomes necessary when one is undergoing training. L carnitine can also be taken with any carbohydrate rich meal during the day because l carnitine also enhances the insulin actions in the liver. If you wish to take l carnitine for weight loss, then it is best to take the l carnitine during the heaviest meal of the day.

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How to take L-Carnitine

L carnitine can be taken in different patterns to achieve different results. It is helpful in enhancing the performance, speed, weight loss, and other health benefits. Let us discuss the l carnitine usage pattern for various athletic benefit-

How to take L-Carnitine to improve performance?


Taking 2 grams (2000 mg) l carnitine with 80 grams carbohydrates, two times a day can improve one’s endurance and stamina to exercise more.

How to take l-Carnitine to improve speed?

Taking 3 grams (3000 mg) l carnitine with fruit juice, about half an hour before practice can be beneficial for high intensity running performance.

How to take l-Carnitine for weight loss?

Taking about 1.4 grams (1400 mg) of l carnitine with meals, or with carb supplements twice a day can increase the carnitine level in the muscles and support the fat burning process of the body.

Apart from these, some of the common questions that arises in everyone’s mind is regarding the cycling and loading the supplements.

Is it required to cycle l-Carnitine?

If you are thinking that like many other supplements, is is required to cycle l carnitine; then the answer is no. l carnitine is a safe supplement and can be taken for a prolonged period of time.


Is it required to load l-Carnitine?

It is not at all required to load l carnitine supplement. The recommended dosage can be uniformly followed throughout the period you are supplementing yourself with it.

How much to take L-Carnitine

The standard and safe dose of l carnitine is 500 to 2000 mg per day, depending on your training and body’s requirement. For some, 1 gram (1000 mg) of l carnitine could be sufficient while some may require higher dose of upto 4 gram (4000 mg) each day.

There are several variants of l carnitine is available for different purposes and health benefits like acetyl l carnitine, l carnitine l tartrate, propionyl l carnitine, etc. Among these, l carnitine l tartrate is considered most effective for athletic performances. It’s recommended dosage per day is 1000 mg to 2000 mg per day. However, the total dose can be split up in smaller doses, and can be taken after each of the meals during the day.

If you are looking for l carnitine weight loss dosage, one of the strategies could be taking a dose of l carnitine l tartrate as a post workout supplement and taking 2 to 3 dose of acetyl l carnitine in between the meals. L carnitine can be taken with other fat burning supplements. Another strategy to use l carnitine for weight loss is to take a heavier dose of l carnitine during your largest meal of the day. One should always consult the physician and fitness expert for the required dose of l carnitine before starting off the routine.

Folks, we hope you find this information useful. In a nutshell, we can say that l carnitine is a safe supplement and is effective even in smaller dose. If you have any doubts regarding l carnitine, feel free to ask us, we would be happy to help as much we can.

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