“When it comes to Lean muscle, Athletes and Bodybuilder have some common nutrition factors”  

Most sports mandate the production of a high level of strength at the lowest possible weight so as to generate peak performance. To achieve this any bodybuilder or athlete should eat a well-balanced diet for the majority of the time. However contrary to this, one often tends to follow eating strategies that either restrict calorie intake or induce dehydration to achieve the desired weight.

Neither of these strategies is apt and is likely to initiate catabolism of a lean muscle mass, which negatively impact the strength-to-weight ratio, resulting in negative performance outcomes. So to maintain or increase the fat-free muscle mass players should adopt an eating strategy that enables them to achieve the desired target at the lowest possible body fat percentage.


“Keep their protein intake between 1.2 and 1.7 grams/ kg of body weight and add adequate carbs to maintain weight and leans muscle mass”


Ideally to sustain energy balance and appropriate amino acid pool all through the day, players must spread out both carbohydrates and protein in a way that prevents significant peaks and valleys. To achieve this, depending on their goals, players should keep their protein intake between 1.2 and 1.7 grams/ kg of body weight.

However, it is also important to know that protein will not contribute to a significant muscle mass unless the higher protein intake is coupled with a sufficient energy (an additional 100-120 g of carbs/day) to satisfy energy needs.

In this regard, Bodybuilder or athlete should eat an adequate amount of carbs to not only maintain the present weight and muscle mass but should also be able to support extra weight and muscle mass.

To accomplish this task, it is required to distinguish the usual three meals per day with a meal pattern that includes six or more eating opportunities.

Those who succeed in eating smaller and frequent meals are likely to perform better; this will be liable to encourage them to continue eating this way.

Along with this, players should also consider eating strategies that optimize hydration state and thus boost performance and should, therefore, consume ample quantities of water with meals and may also need to consume more sports beverages during bouts of physical activity.

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