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Lean Muscle Workouts – Training Routine to Build Lean Muscle in 3 Months

By now you would have probably understood the fact that every guy you meet in your gym has his set of “secrets” to share about building lean muscle. Some of them are genuine advice with science backing them while others are total BS. Well, I have already busted many of the bodybuilding myths, and now it’s time to shed some light on facts that will help you on your way to building maximum lean muscle in next 13 Weeks. Here’s what you have been waiting for.

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FACT – 1: Target Optimum Range of Hypertrophy with Compound Lifts

There are two kinds of people you find in the gym – First – The ones who go on with moderate weights and high volume approach for building lean muscle; the second – People who will always stick to heavy lifts and lower rep range. So, you may wonder that who among them is right. Believe it or not but none of them is exactly spot on.

Since many years, PRO bodybuilders and trainers have insisted on firing up rep range between 8-12 reps per set to get greatest gains. And it is rightfully the best rep range known for building lean muscle, both theoretically and practically.

FACT – 2: Progressive Overload is the Key to Lean Muscle Growth

In the previous article, I told you about people who can accomplish body recomposition with ease and one among them were – people new to progressive overload or actual weightlifting.

The only way one can pack on more mass is by going out of the comfort zone and focusing on progression straight from the word go.

You can start by throwing in new exercise or rep scheme or an entirely different training routine along with going heavy on compound lifts to keep muscle plateau away and welcome fresh gains.

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FACT – 3: Push your Limits and go Beyond Failure.

Building lean muscle demands training beyond failure and very often we see people were not giving enough importance to this concept. Not giving enough importance to proper weight selection is one other way people miss out on getting most out of their routine.

For any particular exercise and its set, one needs to choose weights for which he can go up to failure within 12-15 reps. However, if you can do more than 15 reps per set, then you are more into building endurance than lean muscles.

Other ways to churn out maximum work from muscles is by adding the variety of techniques like drop sets, supersets, and rest-pause.

Your ultimate guide to change up your boring workout routine is right here 

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Remember these Guidelines for below Mentioned Workout Routines

Once you have understood the above-mentioned facts about gaining lean muscle, it’s time to let you through 3 workout routine designed to get you to your goals.
The first workout routine mentioned below is a weekly split workout routine that targets every body part once a week. This routine is suited best for the majority of the people and specifically to intermediate bodybuilders looking to build strength and improving performance.

The second workout is a total body split workout routine, and it is best for people who are short on time and want full-body stimulation. These kinds of workouts are great for beginners and individuals on a fat loss routine.And the final workout routine is

And the final workout routine is push/pull/legs routine which is optimum for people who have ample time to train along with a basic established fundamental strength. This workout routine focuses more on the frequency with rep range as high as 12-15. And like I said before, progression is the key to any workout routine.

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Workout routine #1 – 


Monday – Chest, triceps

Tuesday – Legs, calves, abs

Wednesday – Rest

Thursday – Shoulders, traps

Friday – Back, biceps, abs

Saturday – Rest

Sunday – Rest


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Workout routine #2 – 



A. Power Clean – 5×3

B. Bench Press – 3×6

C. Lunge – 3×8-12

D1. Farmer Walk 3×30 seconds

D2. Dip 3x 30 seconds – timed set

D1-D2 – Supersets




A. Push Press 5×3

B. Deadlift 4×6

C. Chin-Up 3×8-12

D1. Plank 3×30 seconds

D2. Biceps Curl 3x 30 seconds – timed set

D1-D2 – Supersets




A. Back Squat 5×3

B. Bent-Over Row 4×6

C. Dumbbell Bench Press 3×8-12

D1. Kettlebell Crosswalk 3×30 seconds

D2. Hip Thrust 3×12

D1-D2 – Supersets


Off or Conditioning

[/col][/col]p>[col s[col size=”4"]h3>Workout Routine #3 – 

Push/Pull/Legs Split

Week 1

Monday – Chest, Shoulders & Triceps

Tuesday -Back & Biceps

Wednesday – Rest

Thursday – Legs & Abs

Friday – Rest

Saturday – Chest, Shoulders & Triceps

Sunday – Back & Biceps

Week 2

Monday – Rest

Tuesday -Legs & Abs

Wednesday – Rest

Thursday – Chest, Shoulders & Triceps

Friday – Back & Biceps

Saturday – Rest

Sunday – Legs & Abs


Cardio Routine – Morning (before breakfast): 15 minutes of HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) followed by 5 minutes of cool down on Rest Days.

Sample Chest/Triceps Routine


[row col[row cols_nr=”2"][col size=[col size=”6"]nch press – 4 sets, 10-12 reps






[/row]ols_nr=[row cols_nr=”2"]ize=”6[col size=”6"]dumbbell press – 4 sets, 10-12 reps


[col[/col]”6″][col size=”6"]sovers – 3 sets, 10-12 reps


[/row][/col]p>Dumbbe[/row]lovers – 3 sets, 10-12 reps


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Close-grip bench presses (for the all three heads) – 5 sets, 10-12 reps


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[/[/row]p> [r[row cols_nr=”2"]p>Ly[c[col size=”6"]xtension – 3 sets, 10-12 reps


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Weig[c[col size=”6"]10-12 reps


Sample Ba[/[/col][/row]ne


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[/col][/col]p>[col s[col size=”6"]p>On[/col]du[/col][col siz[col size=”6"]ps

[/col] [[/col]/[/row]Straight-leg deadlifts [/col]s[[/col] [/row]p>


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[/col]ol size=[col size=”6"]ated d[/col]l curl[/col] size=[col size=”6"]v class="entry-image">

[/col] [/row[/col]<[/row]bell concentration curls [/col]s[/row[/col]r[/row]>

Sample Shoulder/ Traps Routine


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[c[/col]e=”6[col size=”6"]raises[/col]ding) [col s[/col]6"]/p[col size=”6"]ass="entry-image">



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<[col size=”6"]hind the b[/col]rugs –[col size=[/col]p>



<[/col]ample Le[/row]es and Abs routine[/col]p>[/col]p>[row cols_nr=”2″]

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Leg [col size=”6"], 8-12 rep[/col]

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