Carbohydrates acts as fuel for body; providing energy and regulating blood glucose. Our body tissues needs carbs to derive energy while workouts, which otherwise will use proteins for energy.

Although these days low carb and ketogenic diet is gaining popularity for weight loss, but the importance of carbohydrates to build an impressive physique cannot be overlooked. For the trainers and athletes, fast digesting carbs supplements are essential, as they help by providing the required energy during the intense workout sessions.

List of Fast Digesting Carbs

1) Dextrose


It is the simplest form of sugar, called monosaccharide; comprising 70 – 80 percent table sugar. Since, the carb is present in its simplest form here, they dissolve quickly and easily in the solutions (Generally water or milk).

In our body, dextrose gets absorbed directly into the bloodstream, that is why it results immediately.

For example, MyFitFuel manufactures MFF Dextrose Monohydrate; which is made from pure corn starch. It gets rapidly absorbed by our body and releases substantial energy during and after workouts.

Some of the food which contain high amount of dextrose are- starchy food like Potatoes, Sweets and Desserts; especially those which are saccharine, honey, corn, etc. Also, dextrose is an artificial sweetener. Hence many processed food contain dextrose instead of natural sugar source for sweetening, as they increase the shelf life of the food too.

But, the food rich in dextrose should not be considered an alternative to the dextrose supplement, because when you take the supplement, you are aware of the quantity of dextrose you are taking. Whereas with the food rich in dextrose, they usually bring extra unwanted fats and obesity along with.

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2) Maltodextrin

Maltodextrin is yet another fast digesting carbs. It is widely used in weight gain procedures. Like dextrose, they also get absorbed directly into the bloodstream thus providing instant energy.

Food items that are rich in maltodextrin include- Dates, Honey, Guar gum (a type of green vegetable), etc. They can also be artificially produced rice, corn, wheat, and potato starch.

3) Vitargo

Barley grass is a huge repository of vitamins and minerals. Vitargo is made from starch of barley. It gets quickly absorbed by our body. By taking this carb supplement before workout, you can observe the performance benefits within two hours after consumption.

4) Waxy Maize

Waxy maize is a type of fast absorbing carbohydrate, which is found naturally in rice, barley, and corn (or maize). They contain a huge amount of branched starch called amylopectin, which helps to replenish glycogen levels in our body.

The term ‘waxy’ refers to the wax like resemblance of the starch present in the above stated food items.

Waxy maize is quick absorbing, and contains zero sugar. Hence, it is fruitful for the people who are sensitive to sugar.

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5) Fructose


Many people prefer fructose because it is found naturally in high amount in honey and fruits. But these are not as fast absorbing as dextrose.

Fructose can be derived from a number of sources like honey, maple, zucchini, tomato, beans, brocolli, onion, peanuts, asparagus, etc.

When one takes fructose supplements or food with high fructose; it is first broken down into simpler molecules by the liver and then absorbed by the blood. Since, their absorption by the blood becomes indirect, they are not as fast digesting as other carbs listed above.

6) Palatinose

One of the most important source of palatinose is beet sugar. It is also known as isomaltulose. It is a kind of pre workout carb supplement. It helps by supplying glucose in the body without manipulating the insulin levels.

Palatinose are hygroscopic (ability to absorb moisture) in nature. Hence they are highly soluble and do not form lumps. They are commonly taken as sports beverages.

There are other carb supplements available like grounded oats, activated barley, etc. but these are not the fast digesting carbs as compared to dextrose, vitargo, and maltodextrin. The whole jest around taking fast digesting carb supplements is to provide energy quickly during the workouts. Hence, oats and barley are not as effective.

Some people are concerned that taking fast digesting carbs food after workout will make them fat. But the fact is that, post workout is the most optimum time to take the food rich in carbohydrates or carb supplements because the carbs taken at this time won’t be converted into fat; they will be only utilized to replenish the energy levels in the body.

Folks, my suggestion would be to include carb supplements in your diet, this will help you feel energetic even during the intense training sessions and will also help in building an splendid physique.

Oh, By the way, what are your favourite carbs? Don’t forget to share with us!

Happy carb diet!

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