That random guy you met in the gym yesterday told you about the benefits of mass gainer but being into fitness world for a little long now and reading MyFitFuel Blogs quite often, you argued that Whey Protein is the best. But to his advantage, he looks bigger than you and so you thought you should go back and reconsider your views. Well, it’s good that you are here. Let’s revise all the things we knew about whey protein and mass gainers plus I will tell you who the winner is when it’s – Mass Gainer vs Whey protein. Go on, read below –

Whey Protein

In a nutshell, whey protein is obtained as a by-product in milk processing/cheese manufacturing industries. Infact, whey protein is the purest form of protein available. It digests easily and then gets quickly released into the bloodstream.

Gainer VS Whey build Muscle

A whey protein supplement usually contains a few grams of carbs and fats. On the basis of protein content, whey proteins are classified into following categories (arranged in descending order of their protein content) – Whey Protein Isolate, Whey Protein Concentrate, and Whey Protein Blend.

Why should you take Whey Protein?

To sum it up quickly, Whey protein is a time-tested supplement which not only benefits bodybuilders and athletes but also average gym goers who just wish to stay healthy. It helps bodybuilders achieve their true potential by fueling up their muscles and increasing stamina and endurance.

Likewise, it helps every average gym Joe to reduce weight and burn fat by improving satiety. Besides, it also acts as a source of energy and helps every individual to amp up their daily protein intake.

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Mass Gainer

Mass gainers or weight gainers are supplements that feature protein along with a high quantity of carbs and fats to provide the user with more calories. It usually contains carbs and protein in a ratio of 2:1 or 3:1, meaning each serving of mass gainer provides 60 grams of carbs and 30 grams of protein. A major portion of calories obtained from mass gainers comes from carbs which are usually a mixture of maltose and glucose.

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Why should you take Mass Gainer?

Put simply, mass gainers have been used just for one purpose – Weight Gain. A high proportion of carbs and fats present in weight gainers helps individual to attain the desired calorie intake.

Infact, one of the major differences between whey protein and mass gainer, is the number of calories obtained from each. A typical whey protein powder usually contains around 100 -150 calories per serving while one serving of Mass Gainer provides a whopping 1250-1500 calories.

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What to choose: Mass Gainer or Whey Protein :- Key Differences

Let’s move on to the core of the article and probably the only reason why you are here in the first place. Opting between whey protein powder and a mass gainer protein supplement ain’t that tough until you keep following handy fundamentals in mind –

Gainer VS Whey Muscle

  • Goal: Bodybuilding – The harsh truth is that most of the weight gainers contain carbs that will cause an insulin spike and thus lead to unwanted fat storage. Whereas on the contrary, whey protein supplements fuel your body with what it needs the most – Pure protein. So, if your goal is to build muscles and increase strength, it’s recommended to choose whey protein instead of mass gainer.
  • Goal: Athletic/Lean Physique – If you are out there in the gym with only one purpose that is to look good naked, then there’s no way should take weight gainers. Weight gainers will overturn your lean look to an absolute nightmare. You should rather go for Whey Protein Isolate which is devoid of carbs and fats to help you cut down fat and achieve a lean physique.
  • Goal: Improve Sports Performance – Athletes and sportspersons often tend to be very cautious about their weight as it might affect their performance on the field. So, taking mass gainers as a supplement may not be a viable option. Instead, athletes should fuel themselves with whey protein – which has been proven to increase endurance, stamina and improve performance.
  • Goal: Weight Gain/Bulk – As we all know, weight gain is a headache for hard-gainers. Mass gainers tend to be very helpful in such kind of cases where gaining weight as quick as possible is the only goal. However, like every other supplement, a mass gainer isn’t a magic pill. Sticking on to mass gainers for too long may add layers of unwanted fat which will then be difficult to get rid of.
  • Goal: Good Health – A lot of people believe that whey protein should be consumed only when one wants to build big muscles. But that’s a total lie. Whey protein isn’t just helpful for muscle growth, but it does a lot of good things for your health too! A few handful of research has shown whey protein to check blood pressure, prevent cancer and support a healthy heart.

MyFitFuel’s Best Whey Protein Supplement v/s A typical Mass Gainer online

All right, if you are still here looking for more reasons to as to why you should opt Whey Protein instead of Mass gainer for the simple purpose of enhancing physique and strength, then here’s one last thing that will definitely convince you. See for yourself.


(Per Scoop Serving)

MyFitFuel 100% Whey Protein A Typical Mass Gainer online
Energy (kcal) 125 200
Protein 26g 5g
Carbs 1.3g 25g
Added Sugar 0g 3g
Fats 2g 2g
Cholesterol Negligible 12mg
Glutamine 4.3g 1.3g
Percent Whey Isolate 80% Zero
Disclosure of all Ingredients Yes No
Thickeners No Yes
Proprietary Blend No (Only Pure Protein) Yes

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Mass Gainer vs Whey Protein B3

The Final Takeaway

By now, you would have probably understood that Whey Protein Powder supplements have the upper hand in this battle of mass gainer vs protein powder. Sure, mass gainers can help you ease your weight gain problems to some extent.

However, in the long run, a solid diet plan would prove more fruitful for hard-gainers. Keep it simple. Eat at least 4-5 meals a day. Give proper importance to breakfast and post-workout meals. Also, never skip a pre-workout meal.

Besides, you should also be aware of the fact that no supplements, whether mass gainer or whey protein, can give you overnight results until you take a stand and abolish the laziness that has been stopping you from reaching your goals ever since. Good luck, mate.

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