Whey protein and creatine, both are essential supplements to regulate the growth of the muscles. This might have flashed in your mind too that can you mix creatine with protein?

If yes, then my friend you have hit the right chords.

According to a survey published in ‘International Journal of Sport Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism’- the people, who used creatine and whey protein in combination, experienced more strength gain and muscular mass.

Still, you might be having doubts with mixing creatine and whey protein.

Well, not any more. Because here we are clarifying what you need to know about mixing creatine with whey protein.

Can you mix Creatine with Whey Protein?          

Yes, you can mix whey protein with creatine as they are absorbed and utilized by our body as “on need basis”. Simply put, when you take creatine and whey protein together, both gets absorbed and stored in body tissues.

At the time of workout, when stamina is required, our body automatically uses creatine (in the form of ATP). Post training, to replenish the burnt tissues, our body can make use of the protein through the whey protein already taken.

But, it is important to understand the type of whey protein and creatine you are mixing and in what proportion.

Whey Protein

Whey protein is a combination of essential amino acids which are also a dairy derivative. They help in repairing and remodeling the tissues after the training sessions. As the training intensity and muscular volume increases, body requires more protein, and whey protein is a very useful supplement to comply with the body’s growing protein requirements.

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Creatine acts as the energy bank for our body. When we do exercises, energy is required, and this energy is acquired from creatine in the form of ATP. Several forms of creatine are available in the market, but creatine monohydrate is the most popular one. For example, MFF Creatine Monohydrate 200 mesh, is a creatine monohydrate; available in the finest particle size and gets absorbed efficiently in our body.

For more information, please visit our previous blog article on types of whey protein and types of creatine.

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Mixing Creatine with Whey Protein


Mixing creatine with whey protein can boost the creatine absorption and reveal impressive results to the bodybuilders. With this combination, muscles are able to absorb more creatine.


Let us explain.

Protein and carbohydrates increases the insulin production in our body. And, insulin carries the creatine around the skeletal muscle system. So, more whey protein means more insulin, and more insulin means more creatine is absorbed by the muscles.

Taking the whey protein and creatine combination before the training is useful as the energy and protein that your body will require, will be already in our hands. Also, the body processes these supplements at different speeds, so there is no danger of any negative action.

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Benefits of mixing for muscle building 

According to a survey report from the researchers of St. Francis Xavier University, Nova Scotia, Canada, the group of people who took whey protein and creatine in combination had greater increase in lean mass, knee extension power, and bench press strength.

Though, creatine is better absorbed with sugar and sugar is a rich source of carbohydrates. But by combining creatine with whey protein, lesser amount of sugar is required to transport more creatine to the muscles. Thus this also ensures a carb balanced diet.

Best Ratio of mixing them           

Now that you know it is good to mix whey protein and creatine together, but it is also important to understand the best ratio to mix them to get the best of results.

The suggested use for Whey protein is 1 scoop (32 grams) serving, 2-5 times daily as per your body’s requirements. For example, MFF whey protein 80; provides 25 grams of protein in every 32 grams serving.

And for creatine, after the loading phase, 1 scoop (5 grams), 1-2 times per day is sufficient.

So the idea is, do not manipulate your diet routine, but can include the mix of creatine and whey protein at one time. Therefore, before workout, mixing whey protein powder and creatine powder in ‘6:1’ ratio works really well. And for the other times, normal whey protein diet can be followed.

Simply put, you can mix 32 grams(1 Scoop) of whey protein and 5 grams(1 Scoop) of creatine and take these two in combination once in a day.

Folks, I hope your dilemma with mixing creatine and whey protein must have shot off now. We would be glad to know your way of mixing different supplements and benefits / side-effects you experienced. You can drop in a mail to us as well.

Please comment and share your mixing encounters with supplements.

Happy mixing!

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