You might sometimes wonder that even after a sound good night sleep you still feel tired or jittery, the answer might be on your plate. Minor deficiency of nutrients or eating wrong things might make you feel rundown. So if your body is not functioning at 100% ”Eat Your Way to Happiness” and eat foods which will boost your well-being:Food

Boost Energy

You might think every day is a slog. This could be because your body might not be getting enough iron or mineral which get lost in the sweet after intense workouts. The result is that you feel groggy and fuzzy-headed for the rest of the day.

The best treatment is to eat foods such as red meats, fish, and poultry which are rich in iron as well as fat soluble Vitamins like A, D, E , K. If you are a vegetarian than eat foods like soybeans, Green leafy vegetables and fortified cereals but add a source of vitamin C for better absorption of iron. For example, you can eat a bowl of fortified cereals along with a glass of orange juice (good source of vitamin C).Iron rich foods boost energy by enhancing the rate of transportation of oxygen.

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Feel Calm

 It’s well known that caffeine can keep you on edge. But there are still other sources of jitters: Eating too much of refined carbs like white bread, pasta, pizza etc which lacks in fibre and other nutrients and can therefore cause your blood sugar level to rise instantly and thus stimulating the pancreas to secrete an excessive amount of insulin.

As a result of the excessive amount of insulin, your blood sugar levels drop suddenly thus resulting in an inability to focus and making you feel sluggish.

To avoid this kind of drastic spikes and drops in blood sugar one should focus on eating foods containing complex carbs as well as rich in fibre like whole grain cereal products such as brown rice, whole-wheat bread and pasta, oats and legumes etc.

Beat Bloat

It’s rightly said that “stomach is like your second brain” and if your digestion is not good that the person might feel lethargic throughout the day.

Eating vegetables and whole grain pulses are good for your health. But certain vegetables like capsicum, beans, broccoli, cabbage, and cauliflower produces lots of gas, causing severe bloating in your stomach. Drinking too much-carbonated drinks can also increase bloating in your stomach.

So maintain a food dairy to record such foods which cause you a gastric trouble and try to avoid eating such foods on daily basis.

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Curb Cramps

It’s quite normal to feel slight pain after a tough workout, but having cramps could signify that your body is low on electrolytes like sodium, potassium or magnesium.

Potassium along with sodium helps to regulate muscle contractions. But when you sweat after intense workout these minerals get depleted from our body thus leading to pain in your calves or feet.

Eating foods rich in minerals like bananas, baked potato with peel, prunes and orange juice can very well replace these minerals back in your body. Nuts like almonds etc and greens like spinach and other whole grain cereals and pulses are all rich sources of magnesium.

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