White bread fails to offer the whole grain goodness found in whole – wheat, rye, or other whole-grain breads. But white bread is neither poison nor a bad food. It can be part of an overall whole some diet. Half of your grains should be from whole grains. So if you have oatmeal for breakfast and brown rice for dinner, your diet can accommodate a sandwich made on white bread for lunch, if desired.

The reputation of white bread as being unhealthful is partially because of its high glycemic effect. That is 200 calories of carbohydrate from white bread –if you eat just plain bread without the butter or sandwich filling that dampens the glycemic response – digest quickly and cause the blood glucose and insulin to rise higher than would the same amount of whole grain fiber – rich bread.

Remember, if you are physically fit, your muscles readily store the sugar from the digested bread as glycogen , with much less insulin than required by a sedentary person. Hence active people can better handle high –GI foods such as white bread and have less need to worry about the glycemic effect of the food.

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