Post workout nutrition is vital for the body. To get it, a balanced diet is an unsurpassed source. We know, you may not feel like consuming calories after having a grueling session in the gym.

But, after a workout, you need fluids, carbs, and protein. In simple words, your body and muscles ‘ask-for’ nutrition.

After an intense session of the gym, it is difficult for an individual to have food. What to do then? We recommend you to have post workout shakes, for easy digestion and faster post-workout nourishment.

Why shakes and not solid meals?

  • A complete meal will take 2-3 hours to get absorbed in your body
  • A post-workout shake act faster and is easier to carry along
  • You can drink within one hour of your workout, but can you eat food in the next one hour of your workout?

Lean Muscle and Post Workout Shake – Why? 


You might be thinking of restricting your calorie intake if you are on your way to building muscles. However, make no mistake, as calories are essential to build a muscle mass and encourage lean tissue development.

After the workout, liquid consumption will do the job even when you are not really very hungry. It is essential to feed your tired muscles. Have a mix of protein and carb in the ratio of 3:1 in one hour after you finish exercising.

A recommended shake recipe is whey powder mixed in soy milk, and flax seeds, raisins, almonds, to complete nutrition consumption. Use flavored whey like MFF Swiss Vanilla for taste.

For quality purposes, a recommended choice is MFF Whey Protein 100. The powder contains 26 gram of pure protein for every 32-gram serving. It has BCAA (5.8 grams) and Glutamine (4.3 gram) for better muscle recovery.

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Why you need Post Workout Shakes for Weight Loss 

If weight-loss is your target, you can choose to do so in a healthy and steady way. The post workout shakes is our suggestion to you. It won’t let you starve and leave your muscles nutrition-deficient.

High Protein and low carb shake diet are your best shot for fat loss. Any nutritious-fluid which reduces your calorie intake is good. Choose your protein here. It can be a blend of whey and casein.

While whey acts faster in your body, casein follows a slow-releasing process and keeps you energetic through the day.

Try a homemade post workout shake recipe. Your own post workout shake should include fiber, vitamins, calcium, besides protein. You can add veggies or fruit to source fiber or vitamins, for example.

Add whey protein powder, milk (casein), fruits or veggies, oats, and go easy on your shake for steady weight loss.

Best Post Workout Protein Shake

If you are hard pressed for time, a protein shake is easy to make and handy. Because protein is absorbed faster in our body, it is recommended to consume protein in the next half-an-hour, after you finish exercising.

After a workout is a good time to let protein reach your muscles. It deals with small muscle tears which occur because of muscle contraction during a workout.

It is easy to prepare protein shakes. All you need is a good quality whey powder, water, and a blender/shaker, to start with.

If you want to start with a flavored whey powder like MFF Whey Protein 80 (available in Swiss Vanilla flavor), a good idea is to add some sliced coconut, add almonds, and soy milk. If you are using flavored soy milk, add vanilla or almond flavor to enjoy the taste.

By adding whey protein 80, you are serving yourself with 25 gm protein in every 32 gm serving in Swiss Vanilla Flavour. It also has small portions of BCAA & Glutamine and is low in fat & carbs.

Post Workout Carb Shake


You are still required to count calories on your fingertips, no matter how quick you are to refuel yourself. Low carb shakes are smoothies which have fewer grams of carbs and generally, limited to 300 calories.

You can still choose to go for high protein shake which is low on carbs. But, if you ask me, carbs are necessary to spike your blood sugar level, and therefore, a post workout carb shake is required to retain normal level.

You should be taking dextrose after you finish your workout. It is a fast-digesting simple sugar supplement source. Also, Dextrose is less sweet than pure sugar and does not contain fructose. It stimulates constructive metabolism too.

It is fantastic when you add it your post workout shake. Just make sure that dextrose quantity should be almost the double of protein.

For example, if your shake contains a single serve of whey (which is about 30 grams of protein; you can add a dextrose dose of 50-60 grams). Keep the shake recipe simple. You can add fiber-rich fruits and soy milk to it.

MFF Dextrose monohydrate is a good example here. When taken with a protein shake, it makes the best combination to improve muscle repair, protein synthesis and re-growth of muscles.


Why you need post workout shakes can be summarized as follows:

  • Easy digestion
  • Crucial time nutrition (bio) activation
  • Easy to carry in your gym bag
  • Tastes good
  • Faster recovery
  • Calculated nutrition intake
  • Quick energy replenishment

If you are short on time, don’t tire yourself with blending shakes all the time. Try simple recipes using safe and dependable supplements. Now that you are aware of nutrition, it is easy for you to make a choice.

Measure your nutrition portion every time. Any good product will display the nutrition break-up to help you make small choices, which is nutrition value per serve.

Just take out some time for retaining good health by searching carefully, by now you know gym and diet requires a hand in glove approach, don’t you?

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