A gym addict might have considered taking pre-workout supplements. As you and I understand, pre workout supplement benefits us by supercharging our body, helping us follow our gym schedule with more energy and vigor. But, is it really about increasing strength to sweat it out in the gym? Yes, it is, but the science of increased strength means more energy, endurance, muscle power, and host of other factors to make you more gym efficient.

Today, we take a call on exact benefits of taking pre-workout supplements.

What is the Real Purpose of Pre-Workout Supplement?


You are taking pre-workout supplements to improve your exercising performance. My guess is why pre workout is a passé, how it exactly works on our whole body is the real point. Of course, pre-workout supplements benefits include stamina build-up, more muscle power, and physical boost before you hit it out.

Whether you are gyming for building muscles, reduce body fat, or improve performance, a recommended dose of ‘before supplement’ is required. Pre workout benefits you in post-recovery period also. The supplements affect your overall performance by taking care of your vital signs. Your blood flow increases, and so does your heart rate. It also motives you to exercise strenuously.

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Why use Pre-Workout Supplement?

If better workout is your target, then you need a ‘before supplement’. If you are still wondering on why you need it exactly, let me list out the why pre workout benefits for you precisely.

  • It is essential to achieve mental and physical fitness goals
  • It helps you train sufficiently
  • It pushes your body to the limit and helps you deliver the best
  • It unleashes your mental and physical potential both

Pre-Workout Benefits for Bodybuilders


Now let us get into the specifics. How will a body builder or a person undergoing intense training exactly benefit from the pre-workout nutrition? We dig into the various elements of a pre workout supplement.

  • Increased Focus– pre-workout supplements benefits us by feeding caffeine (an important ingredient of pre workout supplements), and a proven and trusted energy booster. Additional ingredients like L-tyrosine and choline bitartrate work on your sensory capabilities. As a result, you have a real solution to improve your physical and mental focus both
  • More Power– A good pre-workout source will also feed your body with creatine monohydrate, an important nutrition for lean muscles and to build muscle strength and endurance. Another ingredient is beta-alanine which prevents temporary muscle retardation or fatigue

A dependable source is whey protein which can be consumed before your workout too. It is direct investment to increase muscle protein synthesis rates, higher insulin levels, and prevent muscle breakdown.

  • Pumped up– like the term suggests, a pre-workout nutrition will pump more blood to your heart and body. Your working muscles also need more blood oxygen supply to sustain a healthy workout regime. Pre-workout supplement contains L-citrulline and L-arginine which increase production of nitric oxide in the blood

 Another source for improving your insulin level is BCAAs. Before starting your exercise, BCAA supplement will increase your insulin level and keep testosterone levels in-check. I would like to highlight a bit about the Branched Chain Amino Acids or BCAAs here. It is a group of three amino acids which is not produced by your body on own.

 In other words, you need to source BCAAs from external sources. BCAA’s are building blocks of protein like protein is for a human body. A fitness enthusiast necessarily requires the BCAA supplements to maintain good (gym) health.  

Why Pre-Workout Supplements should still be monitored?

Because we know an overdose of anything is bad. If you end up taking a lot of caffeine before your exercise, it is likely to make you lose your sleep. Now good sleep is important for a good workout. The usual recommended dose of Caffeine is 200-500 mg in a day.

Similarly, an optimum dose for Beta-Alanine is 1.5-5 grams. It is also advisable to consume Beta-Alanine in smaller doses throughout the day. It might give you a tingling sensation if you consume it in one go.

Creatine should be 5 grams before your workout. The dose is higher in the loading phase at the time you begin your creatine nutrition routine. Irrespective, under normal circumstances, the recommended dose is 5 grams before you begin exercising.

Ideally, any pre-workout supplement should be consumed 45 minutes prior to your exercise. Also, in order to sustain tolerance, please restrict yourself to recommended levels. It may differ according to individual requirements. For example, if an individual is already taking huge caffeine content, then to meet the purpose, he/she may require a higher than normal dose.

It is also important to swap your pre-workout supplements to reap full benefits. Sometimes one may work, and otherwise, it may not be a good stimulant. Depending upon how your body receives it and responds, take your call.

Multiple options are available in the market. Various brands offer the same purpose. But, are all of them dependable? Check out online sites to understand individual pre workout supplement benefits.

Also, check out the content of every label you plan to buy. Like in case of Whey Protein, it is usually the powder quality (granule) as well as the protein concentration vs. isolate which should be noted. The isolate in Whey Protein is BCAAs or Glutamine. By now you are aware of the real side of why pre workout, are you?

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