By adopting a protein shake diet plan on a daily basis, you will get the ball rolling and lose weight faster. Although it might not seem like you’re cutting calories much, by intaking high-quality proteins in your body, you will increase your chances for faster weight loss after exercise.

Will Drinking Protein Shakes make my Body Lose weight?

Whey protein shake diet is not based only on lowness in fat and calories, but it serves as a source of rich nutrition to any balanced diet. They are surely part of any protein shake diet plan for weight loss.

Best Ways to a make Protein Shake Diet Plan work for you

The protein shake diet plan is based on drinking proteins during your meals in order to get all the necessary nutrition your body needs in order to maintain a healthy diet. This is why by drinking protein shakes you will reduce calorie intake to a minimum.

When we talk about dieting, you will notice that almost all diets (that works, of course) are based on basic intake of proteins on a daily basis, so if you want to make a protein shake diet plan work for you, you can either add more protein produce to your meals or drink protein smoothies instead of one meal.

Protein Shake Meal Replacement Diet


Protein powder shakes can be used as a replacement of one to two meals per day. At first, it will take some time until you get used to, but when you start replacing your meals with alternatives such as protein shakes, you’ll get used to fast and it will become your daily routine.

If you replace your daily meals with protein shakes you will cut back on from 500 to 600 calories on a daily basis which is a nice addition to your diet. Just keep in mind that when replacing your meals with protein shakes you don’t overeat.

Also, keep in mind that drinking a protein shake before having your meal may suppress your appetite which helps in over-eating prevention. Considering the fact that you will get proteins from your protein shake you can decrease the amount of fish and fatty meats meals and focus more on carbs and vegetables.

Choose a Protein Shake that tastes Good

The type of protein shake that is suitable for your dieting plan does not necessarily be the protein shake that you will like drinking. There’s a variety of protein shakes available on the market that you can choose from and we’re 100% sure that you’ll find the one that you will like drinking.

With other options such as protein bars, it will be easier to follow your diet plan for a longer period of time. Keep in mind that flavor and nutritional value can differ from product to product, but after some time you will find the one that is right for you.

Choose the Best Protein Shake

With so many protein shake powders on the market, you probably wonder which one to choose and buy? Well, it’s best that you decide on when you plan to take your protein shake dosage. Is it before your breakfast, pre and post workouts, before bed, replacing your meal? The possibilities are endless and you’re the only one who can decide on how to choose the best protein shake for your diet.

For all of you who decide to go with taking protein shakes before breakfast or pre-workout we suggest you choose whey protein as it’s absorbed and digested faster than any other protein. Our MFF 100% Whey Protein has 26 grams of pure protein per 32gm serving.

For post-workout drinkers, we suggest you opt for milk protein, which will allow you to release amino acids much faster and increase your muscle growth.

If you’re planning on taking protein shakes before bed, then we suggest you take at least 20 grams of casein protein or a mix of casein and whey, or lesser amount of protein powder mixed with BCAAs as this will help your MPS at a higher level while sleeping. Our BCAA 5000 has 2500 milligrams of Pure Leucine Per Serving.

Know how to Drink your Protein Shakes to get the Best Results

For example, most proteins are mixed with milk or water. Protein powders dissolve much easier when mixed in milk, although it dissolves fast in water too. Be sure to double check the label of the protein powder before buying as most protein powders are based on usage with water. Also, if you’re lactose intolerant this is another thing to keep in mind it won’t end up good for you if you choose protein powders that are made for mixing with milk.

Even though it’s possible to mix protein shakes in a glass, it would be much better if you would use shaker in order to prevent clumps that can contain when mixing.

Benefits of Drinking Protein Shakes


First things first, let’s clarify this – drinking protein shakes is not just for professional athletes and bodybuilders. Although this is the first image most people get when thinking of protein powders, the nutritionists all over the world proved that protein shakes are perfectly suitable for all of those who want to replace any type of protein produce such as soy, fish and meat. After all, this is where protein comes from and it’s a perfect way when you try to reduce calories in your diet.

200 Calories per Meal is Possible!

If you choose to replace one of your meals per day with a delicious protein shake you will cut back from 160 to 220 calories per meal. Proteins are low in calories and provide more value when it comes to nutrition. If you opt to replace at least one meal with a protein shake you will be one step closer to the look you desire and a more balanced diet.

More Muscles

Most people think that if you want to increase your muscle mass you will gain weight. We have to state that this is some solid weight that is maintained regularly. If you opt for a wrong diet plan that means that you can end up with not taking enough proteins which will result in the amount of weight you have, drop in metabolism and the opposite effect of gaining weight. If you opt for a protein shake diet plan you won’t have to worry about how many calories have you been uptaken compared to the weight you gained.


Not so long ago, one of the worst things about protein shakes was that awful flavor that came with it and for those who didn’t have a big reason to drink it the taste was mostly a deal breaker. Today, the taste of protein shake is not a problem because with so many flavors, protein shakes can easily be mistaken with the popular, caloric milkshakes.

When it comes to dosage, just make sure that cutting 2 meals per day is something that is okay for you. We suggest you start slow as with any diet, it’s really important that you follow the rules in order not to give up too soon.

By taking protein shakes and following this protein shake diet plan you will surely get more benefits, lose weight and gain muscle mass you never thought you have.

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