Carbohydrates are the main source of energy in the body. Carbohydrate also has a very crucial role in storing energy in the body from the food we eat.  Too simply, once body energy needs are met the extra food which is consumed gets converted mostly as fat. Rich sources of carbohydrate foods are usually plant-based such as cereal, breads, pasta, fruits and starchy vegetables. As animals store most of their energy as fat therefore animal-based foods are naturally less in carbohydrate content.

Eating high-carbohydrate foods can affect one’s health by causing insulin resistance. As end product of carbohydrate digestion is a simple sugar, “glucose”.  Elevated levels of blood glucose will stimulate the pancreas to produce more insulin. Leading to high levels of insulin for longer duration than normal thus eventually resulting in insulin resistance. Elevated levels of insulin will further signal your body to store fat.  Furthermore, it also inhibits burning of stored fat in your body.

Hence regular ingestion of high carbs foods can lead to a metabolic disorder condition where insulin levels remain constantly elevated and thus prevent form using the stored fat from being used as energy.  This metabolic condition will not only hinder weight loss but will also promote weight gain, thus contributing to low energy levels and early fatigue.

On the other hand, a reduced-carbohydrate diet can substantially increase other health benefits. Reducing carbohydrate intake doesn’t necessarily mean eating a higher proportion of fat or protein. Reduced-carbohydrate diets means consuming a level of carbs less than 60 grams per day. At such a low level the body will begin to rely on fat and ketones to be used as fuel instead of carbohydrates. Thus, reducing dietary carbohydrate will improves ones health by initiating weight loss by burning your fat stores.

Furthermore, reducing nutritionally empty carbohydrates will not only reduce calories intake but also provides other health benefits which can go beyond weight loss like increased energy levels and reduced hunger spam.  Reducing carbohydrates intake stabilizes blood sugar and reduces insulin output which can lower the risk of health diseases like heart, diabetes, obesity etc.

Thus, controlling carbohydrate intake and consuming adequate amounts of proteins and fats will have a overall positive impact on health and help you achieve better fitness and bodybuilding

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