Muscle fatigue is a common consequence of working out. While training fatigue is the way of signalling the body that you have reach the threshold of your physiological limits. The human body is very intellect and will acclimatize itself to the physical stress you put it through during training. Although muscle fatigue is very unpleasant and it indicates that you’re confronting your body at times. Moreover, if at some point you are not suffering from DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) it might be that you are not training enough.

Muscle fatigue can be reduced by incorporating some easy and effective changes in your daily routine. Follow these easy tips for better results.


Fuel your body properly. Eat a balanced diet which includes complex as well simple carbs, proteins, fruits and vegetables and good fat. Essentially pre and post workout fueling is very important for proper muscle recovery and growth. As a Pre workout, it’s essential to eat an hour prior to training and for post workout within thirty minutes of workout.

It’s also essential to have protein along with some simple carbs within 30 minutes of workout followed by a meal again after an hour later. Following a planned eating routine will help your muscles to repair and grow more efficiently.

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Taking amino acids supplements including glutamine while training and post training will aid in reducing muscle fatigue. Moreover amino acids supplements will also help in repair and muscle growth effectively if taken immediately after training.


As muscles are composed of 70% water, therefore it is very crucial to avoid dehydration and hence muscle fatigue by keeping oneself well hydrated throughout the day as well as during training. Sufficient fluid intake will help to prevent electrolyte loss, dehydration and muscle fatigue. Therefore, it is advisable at least 3-4 litres of fluid per day. During workouts it is recommended to drink around 1.5- 2.0 litres of fluid to replace the water and electrolyte lost due to sweating.

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Do incorporate these changes and share your progress with us. We shall be happy to hear from you.

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