Previously I let you through – 4 bodybuilding supplement myths you hear every day and now here I am again to help you move over some of the often heard workout myths. Here they are –

Myth #1: The infamous phrase, “NO PAIN NO GAIN”

Whether a newbie or a Professional bodybuilder, everyone who has ever stepped into the world of fitness has certainly heard of the very famous phrase – “NO PAIN NO GAIN”, which has lost its original meaning and purpose over the period.

This phrase originates from a condition that is – DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness).

When you go through a workout routine with all new exercises in it, your muscles are more likely to suffer from DOMS as they have not yet got used to the new exercise routine. DOMS is very beneficial for every athlete and bodybuilder as it keeps muscle guessing and helps in avoiding muscle plateau.

More than intensity and lifting heavy weights, the phrase “NO PAIN NO GAIN” has a lot to do with implementing different workout variations and thereby staying close to DOMS all the time. Most of the people get used to same workout routine over a period and complain about not getting enough soreness after the workout.

And prolonged continuation to same workout routine will show almost no signs of growth.

So, it becomes critical to switch up workout routine now and then or let’s say after every 6-8 weeks so that you don’t have to abide by less growth and plateaus. Well, here’s some more knowledge – 5 workout variations every bodybuilder should try.


Myth #2: Sweating more during workout = Effective weight loss

Yes, you heard it right. I know it sounds pretty much opposite to what your gym trainer has been telling you all the time but you have to understand that there’s no direct relationship between sweating and losing weight.

As we all know, the primary function of sweat is to control the internal temperature of the body and hence keep it fresh. Not only exercising and physical activities but other factors such as being overweight, excessive consumption of alcohol or caffeine also contribute much to sweat.

There are chances that you may regain most of the water weight which you had lost in the form of sweating.

However, there’s no denying in the fact that sweating does help in removing harmful toxins from the body and increase metabolism (although temporarily) but think twice before you relate sweat and weight loss.


Myth #3: Exercising on an empty stomach will burn off more fat

Imagine driving a car on an empty tank. Is it Possible? NO. The same is the case with your body.

Hitting the gym very early in the morning on an empty stomach will not only dampen your performance but will also do no good to your fat loss dreams.

So, the first thing in the morning should be refuelling your muscles with protein and slow digesting carbs and then hitting the gym nearly after 60 minutes or so.

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Now that you have known the truth behind such workout myth, we expect you to share this piece of knowledge to all your gym buddies.

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