Training more on the ‘mirror muscles’ like shoulders, chest etc often results in people missing out on their leg days which is a big mistake and leads to the so-called ‘chicken legs’. Remember that a ‘Johnny Bravo’ or ‘Barbie’ body is not ideal. Training for legs is essential as it is home to some of the big muscles. Toned up calves, strong butt, athletic quads can all be achieved if we keep working on our lower half and make it stronger just like our core, back and arms. So here I am with some important reasons that would force you to think twice before you skip your next leg day.leg

It Burns More Calories Than You Had Thought!

First and foremost, to lose weight you have to concentrate more on your lower half as large muscles burn more calories by producing lactic acid which help it greater fat loss. Even for people who don’t have weight loss on their agenda need to train in order to get strong muscles in that area, Squats, step-ups, lunges etc all constitute the exercises for lower half. Afterall, when you are on the stage, each and everything gets counted.

Yes of Course! It Helps in Becoming a Better Athlete.

Football players running endlessly for the ball, to score more basket ball players jumping above the rim etc all require strong lower half for power generation. To make yourself faster and more dynamic you need to have a well-developed legs in order to exert less force in a small amount of time. For an athlete whose requires speed, it is essential to workout rigorously on the lower half.squat

Back Pain is a Result of Weak (Chicken) Legs.

It is often said that in order to avoid back pains concentrate on your posture but little do we realize that it’s the root that help stay the tree strong and erect and in this case it is the legs.

More pressure is put on the lower back if the lower half is weak as it creates a tilt in the pelvic area which increases the pressure ultimately leading to the pressure moving on the kidney. The results are increased blood pressure and decreased blood flow in extreme cases. Why risk your precious life when all you have to do is squat!

Metabolism Will Increase As Well As The Range of Joint Motion.

Training efficiently on your lower half will lead to strong muscle growth which looks appealing as well as helps run your body engine (metabolism) faster. Profound results can be seen in terms of metabolism in comparison to cardio exercises like running or cycling or aerobics etc. more weight can be tackled if movements for the legs are appropriate. Your range for motion in joints can be increased if you do the squats, lunges etc in the correct manner and pattern.

With the benefit it carries, a leg day of course occupies a place in your training routine.

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