The passion and aspiration to build fast muscles can sometimes relate to the risk of undermining your health if one don’t eat or drink the right food. To be a successful bodybuilder you should eat a healthy balanced diet comprising of carbohydrate, protein and fat. Eating a well nutritious diet starts from the grocery store. Things you buy from the grocery store will determine your eating habits. By choosing fruits, vegetables and fibre rich foods and leaving sodium, fat, and sugar-filled junk will make it much easier for you to make healthy food choices at home when you are starving and eat whatever comes to your sight.

Below are some of the food choices that should be in your grocery cart or in your pantry:

Bread: Bread whether white or brown both are made up of refined flour and lack the nutrients present in the whole-grain bread. To increase the shelf life of bread the bran, germ and the fibre along with other nutrients like iron and B vitamin. People generally get misguided by the word “wheat” labelled on brown bread, but that doesn’t make it healthy. In fact check the ingredients panel for the word “whole,” which means that they include the entire seed.

BAKERY FOODS: Like cookies and cakes are rich in calories, added sugar and Trans and saturated fat. Moreover, they also lack the nutrients needed to stay healthy like vitamins and minerals.

JUICE: Avoid fresh or tetra pack juices which are even labelled as juices are laden with natural sugar and are, therefore, full of calories. As the fibre, part is removed to take out the juice they are even devoid of vitamins and minerals. Due to the absence of fibre it’s hard for the body to register “I’m full” when you drink juice.

SODA DRINKS: These are empty calories beverages. Even the diet versions contain ingredients like “caramel colour” and phosphoric acid which do not help you lose weight or stay healthy and will just add fat to your body.

SO now you know what to eat and what not to. Share this piece of knowledge with everyone and let your other fitness freak friends know about it.

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