The key to successful travel is advance planning .Make no assumptions about the availability to food or drinks that will satisfy your needs. Bring some items with you when traveling to be certain you have some key foods and drinks that will keep you happy and nourished .

Don’t try new foods until after the final competition event, and they only on the recommendation of your local hosts .Experimenting on your own can be dangerous. Find out as much as you can about where you’re going by visiting a bookstore or library, or do some research on the internet . Give yourself plenty of time to get acclimatized to the location you are traveling to.

It takes about 1-2 days for time traveling time, so for a trip from Delhi to Mumbai or Kolkata or may be any other country, you should arrive at least 2-3 days before the event if event is within country or arrive at least 6 days before event if outside the country.

If that’s not possible, do whatever you can to reduce stress by getting plenty of rest, relaxing with friends, and getting on the local schedule as soon as possible.

  • Players should travel to a new location early enough to allow time to adjust. Eating at the same times the local population eats and sleeping at the times the local population sleeps will help you adjust more quickly. Exercising lightly may also help.
  • Wearing compression hose with light compression while travelling long distances helps keep blood fluids circulating and avoids edema, which will help you feel better on arrival and adapt more quickly to the new environment.
  • Travelling with some familiar foods is a good idea, particularly if the competition takes you to an unfamiliar country and culture. These key staples can give you some time to find local food you can eat.
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