Name Recommended intake for Player Good sources Functions
Vitamin A (retinol) 700-900 µ/day ·       Yellow coloured fruits and vegetables like papaya/ mango

·       Egg yolks

·       Liver

·       Butter/ cheese

·       Fish liver oil

·       Effective in reducing post exercise muscle soreness

·       Reduce exercise induced asthma

·       Antioxidants protection of cell membrane

Vitamin D


15 µ/day

(600 IU/day)

·       Exposure to sunlight

·       Fatty fish like salmon/mackerel/sardines/tuna/cat fish

·       Fish liver oil


·       Role in injury resistance

·       Muscle stimulation

·       Helps to increase muscle mass

·       Facilitates calcium absorption to maintain bone density

·       Reduce inflammation

Vitamin E


15 mg /day ·       Corn /saffola/soya/olive oil ·       Antioxidants protection of cell membrane
Vitamin K 700 to 900 µ/day ·       Vegetable oils

·       Dark green leafy vegetables like mustart leaves/ spinach/ cabbage


·       Helps to prevent excessive bruising and bleeding

·       Aida in bone strengthening




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