Lately, you have turned yourself into a lifting machine. All you do is go to the gym, lift weights and end up eating crap foods. Sure, you can lift weights this way but believe me without proper nutrition regime you won’t go too far. For its optimal growth, our muscles need certain kinds of amino acids and macronutrients as well. Additionally, special molecules are required fight the fatigue and amplify the performance during the workout. Well, enough said, let’s head straight towards the top muscle building supplements that are backed by science to benefit muscle-building process in more ways than one.

1) Creatine


Beyond doubt, creatine is one of the most scientifically examined muscle building supplements available today. With over hundreds of scientific studies to prove its effectiveness in increasing strength and muscle size, enhancing performance and adding lean muscle mass to the body, creatine is rightfully the best muscle building supplement one can buy because of it multiple benefits.

Studies have shown creatine to be efficient in increasing the supply of ATP molecules to the muscles. While working out or indulging in any sort of physical activity, your body derives energy from ATP molecules. Thus, the increase in the supply of energy molecules can enhance performance alongside improving strength and muscle size. Moreover, the higher the energy levels, the more heavy loads you will able to carry, establishing a positive outcome on your fat loss goals and improving body composition. Apart from this, creatine has also shown to induce cell volumization effect in the muscles, whereby it retains water in the muscles and makes them look bigger and fuller. One aspect that needs a special mention is that supplementing with creatine won’t induce any fat gain; rather it will help you increase your lean muscle gains.

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2) Whey Protein


The best way to jump-start the muscle growth process is by supplying the body with the high amount of good quality protein day in day out. And no wonder, whey protein is among the most reliable protein supplements for building muscle offered on the market. Whey protein is obtained as a residual product during the cheese-making process. Whey protein is then micro-filtered to remove everything else other than protein and so whey isolate is obtained. Whey Isolate is then subjected to a series of complex processes to derive whey protein hydrolysate which is the purest form of whey.

Besides creatine, whey protein is the second most researched-backed protein supplement. Hundreds of clinical trials have shown whey protein to be effective in accelerating muscle protein synthesis, increasing lean muscle mass, boosting strength gains and improving performance. Apart from this, whey is rapidly absorbed in the body and thus makes it the best post-workout protein option. Well, you may want to follow this link to know more about whey protein benefits.

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3) BCAAs


BCAAs are beneficial to every athlete for two main reasons: firstly, they act as a direct energy source for your muscles and secondly, they also reduce post-exercise muscle damage and aid quick recovery. BCAAs are made up of three most important essential amino acids namely – Leucine, Isoleucine, and Valine. No doubt, leucine works wonder for stimulating protein synthesis in the muscles, but when combined with Isoleucine and Valine, the trio gives you all the energy, capacity and strength you need to achieve your full potential while training. In addition this, these branched chain amino acids are also used to diminish cortisol levels in the body. Elevated levels of cortisol (stress hormone) are responsible for degrading the quality of the muscles.

When consumed before and after the resistance exercise routine, BCAAs reduces muscle damage, improves protein synthesis and speeds up the recovery process in trained athletes, according to the research published in the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition.

The best way to use an amino acid supplement is by consuming it immediately before and after your workout. To keep your energy levels soaring up, you can even ingest BCAAs during your exercise. A simple thumb rule says to only purchase BCAA supplement with higher Leucine ratio compared to the other two amino acids.

4) Beta-Alanine


One of the best ways to defeat muscle fatigue during a workout is by using beta-alanine. Beta-alanine is one of the fundamental blocks of carnosine, a substance responsible for preventing lactic acid build up in the muscles. So, supplementing with beta-alanine will help replenish carnosine levels in your muscles. As a matter of fact, using beta-alanine supplements (2-6 grams/day) has shown to hike carnosine stores in skeletal muscle by a whopping 80%. Moreover, back in 2010, a Brazilian study showed that supplementing with beta-alanine can improve performance during high-intensity exercise and postpone the onset of muscle fatigue during the workout. Apart from this, the beta-alanine has been proven highly useful for building lean muscle mass and enhancing muscle fiber synthesis. Hang on, it’s not over yet. A study published in the International Journal of Sports Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism showed that the combination of beta-alanine and creatine supplement had the greatest positive result in terms of strength, body composition, and lean body mass.

Many studies have shown that a dosage of 800 mg for four times a day is best for obtaining maximum benefits out of a beta-alanine supplement. You may even want to include it in your pre-workout shake to improve your performance.

5) Casein Protein


Lastly, on this list of best supplements for building muscle, we have casein protein. Casein Protein is derived from cow’s milk. While whey protein is a quick-absorbing, casein is a slow-digesting protein. In fact, studies have shown casein to be better overall protein than whey protein. It is because casein protein, unlike whey protein, has a low biological value which saves protein from being wasted in the body and ultimately diminishing the levels of whole body protein breakdown. Casein is also known for its anti-catabolic properties.

Talking about benefits, several clinical trials have shown casein protein to play a key role in losing fat and improving body composition. To demonstrate this, a study was conducted on overweight police officers in the year 2000 by Brigham and Women’s Hospital. In conclusion to the study, researchers said that the enhanced body composition and strength were results of improved nitrogen retention and anti-catabolic effects caused by casein protein.

Although whey and casein have a whole lot of differences between them, but science has shown that consuming a mixture of both can produce surreal fitness results for every individual.

So, here i shared the list of best supplements for muscle building. You can ask your any queries in the comment box below.

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