Strength training, on paper, looks very straightforward and an easy job. However when you get down to the business, it’s not an easy task anymore. I don’t mean to harm your morals, but strength training, my friend, is not everyone’s cup of tea. But hey, there’s a way which we know that can help you win this battle of strength. All you need to do is NOT TO commit below-mentioned blunders and you are already a champ 

  1. You Don’t do Free Weights.


Talk of isolation and nothing is as good as machines and cables. But when you speak of strength, free weights are the best option. Training for isolation and training for strength are two very different things.

Isolation may help you with detailing every muscle while free weights will make your muscles work together and hence produce greater strength.

So, if your target is achieving power, then you should not rely too heavily on cables and machines.

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  1. You are Fond of Staying Up Late at Night.

staying up late at night

I know how much you love late night chats with your beloved but if you slightly look up at your priorities which I believe is gaining strength then staying up late at night is an evil for you.

Lack of sleep will certainly affect your performance in next workout and when sleep deficit increases the gains get harder to come.

Prepare a schedule for yourself in which you can get at least 7 hours of sound sleep and it will be even better if you can place short nap during noon time.

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  1. You Love Cardio (because it’s easy).


Walk in the gym and search for simplest of all things you can do. And then you will see yourself around treadmill or any of other cardio machines. Although it’s crucial to take care of your heart along with building up strength that does not mean you do an excess of it.

Excess of cardio will not only make you vulnerable to joint pains but will also decrease your gains to some extent.

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  1. Your Training Partner Sucks.

Training partner

If your training partner does not ask you to lift more weights or does not help you push your limits or he raises all of your weights while spotting you then very first thing you need to do is change him ASAP.

Yes, training partners do have a significant role in building up strength. Training partners act as a catalyst for they speed up the process of gaining strength. Instead of lifting with a lazy and negative training partner, look for one who is ready to push his limits and help you raise your standards too.

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