I bet that just the mention of the word Whey Protein rings a bell in almost every head-be it the younger generation or their parents. Almost all of us are aware of this term but only a few know what it actually is.

  • Whey Protein is one of the two proteins found in milk and is obtained when milk is coagulated to form cheese. It is considered to be a complete protein with all the essential nine amino acids present in it. The high price is explained by the fact that by weight only one gram of Whey Protein is contained in every hundred grams of milk.

The most common context in which we talk about it has always been as a dietary supplement precisely used for fat loss. It is very common to see people involved in physical activities and gyms using Whey Protein but the unending debate between its pros and cons continues to be there.

I myself have the experience of taking Whey Protein during the time I worked out. A continuous rue always remained between my mother who thought it to be bad for my health and ofcourse me who could not find any fault with it. If I ask any of you young people out there to vote for a similar experience I bet I’ll have the comment box flooded with them.

Due to our rigorous and over demanding lifestyles a majority of us face health issues but the good part is that people are working towards them. Exercising and gymming is gaining more and more popularity in our country. And it isn’t surprising if at some point or the other you have debated whether to include Whey Protein in your diet or not.

You all must have pondered upon the question -“Is it safe to take it?” Even I did. Talking to a lot of my friends, colleagues and even some well established gym trainers, I realized that the most important thing in all this is the most basic one- What are the types of Whey Protein?

And surprisingly, very few care to ask this. How many of you really did? Whey Protein also has many types. Let us talk about some of them and then decide how much we know and what all we still need to know.

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Whey Protein Concentrate (WPC)


Whey Protein has been pretty expensive ever since it hit the market in 90s. The prices have dropped with improved technologies but I am sure that maximum of the health freaks have experienced the whole it burns in your pocket. The younger ones out there can probably relate better. Isn’t it?

This is probably the reason behind the popularity of WPC. It is the least expensive type of Whey Protein available in the market. And no doubt the ease with which it can be flavored definitely is an extra perk.

The quality of this product ranges across a wide spectrum and one has to be very careful while buying it. The less concentrated (about 29%) is used only for processed food products while the higher concentrates (about 89%) are what come under the nutritional category.

Since this is formed by concentrating the milk, there are high chances of the presence of hormones given to cows whose milk is used for this. This can be harmful for the users and must be given extra attention.

A couple of Whey Proteins I luckily bumped into while searching for myself were MFF Whey Protein 70 and MFF Whey Protein 80. They outrun a lot of other Whey Proteins in contexts like-

  • No fillers, thickeners or cheap amino acids.
  • Available in both unflavored and flavored form.
  • Low in carb and fats.
  • Aspartame free.
  • Very transparent about the percentage of concentrate which helps you choose the right protein.
  • Certificate of Analysis is provided to make the quality of product extremely good.

MFF Whey Protein 80 is especially for the youngsters who need to manage it from their pocket money. The best part apart from price is-

  • It has 25.6 g of high quality protein in every serving.
  • Increases muscle recovery and metabolic rate.
  • Aspartame free.

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Whey Protein Isolate (WPI)


It is a more improved version of WPC in terms of protein concentration (which is almost 90%) and less amount of fat and lactose. This also results in it being less appealing to the palette and more expensive as further processing is required to concentrate it more.

MFF 100% Whey Protein is an 80:20 ratio blend of WPC and WPI. Unlike other Whey Protein blends, it is rich in WPI as well. What sets it apart from the other blends is-

  • 26g pure protein in 32g serving
  • Aspartame free
  • Rich in BCCA (5.8g) and Glutamine (4.3g)
  • The concentration of WPI can be known easily unlike in other blends.
  • It has better digestion and absorption levels which help in quick muscle recovery and build-up.

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Whey Protein Hydrolystate (WPH)

Taking the Whey Protein production process a step further, WPH is the most expensive and the least appealing protein in terms of flavor. The brighter side includes faster results as it eliminates the bodies need to hydrolyse the protein and higher insulin levels (without glucose) which are a boon for endurance training and muscle building.

  • It has 80-90% protein. Though the hardest to work with, this is the best type of Whey Protein you can have with 28% more insulin. Sports and medical nutritional product makers prefer this form of protein.

This was about the types of proteins but as a lay man it is hard to understand the subtle differences offered by various brands of Whey Protein. Hope I gave you people a little insight into the world of your much awed Whey Protein.

  • Now-a-days we have low carb Whey Proteins which are like smoothies that can be used to replace the entire meal. Chocolate, Vanilla and Strawberry are the common flavors which make these easier to imbibe in our daily routine.
  • And yes, for all you vegans out there-there is nothing to worry about. We have got Whey Proteins specially designed for you. Now you can enjoy the same protein benefits which your peers did.

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The word Whey Protein itself has always been under lime-light but the attention needs to be paid to what type suits your body, the purpose of your use, the results you expect and for all this I believe the best guide is sharing of individual opinions and experiences. You feel more convinced about an idea only when you can discuss it.


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