Weight reduction is a long, slow journey, which is made even slower by dieting errors which are unintentionally committed when we fall in the trap hoping we are doing the right thing. But instead, we are doing ourselves more damage than good.

It’s simply not just about adding exercise and eliminating fat intake. In fact, it involves much more complexities depending upon individual goals, family and medical history, genotype and much more.

Below are few of the common myths among fitness exercises about weight loss:

Eating fewer caloriesfat-free-food

The first logical step to lose weight is to cut your calorie intake at a slow pace rather than drastically shutting your intake. If your calorie intake is too low, your body will rebel against the hunger by slowing its metabolism and as a result instead of how hard you diet you won’t be able to shed an ounce.

Moreover, when your caloric intake is too low, your body begins to use muscle as fuel, which would further hinder your fat loss. Our submission is this that you should start somewhere in the middle and then slowly add or subtract until you find the right balance for you.

“Fat-Free” Foodfood

Dieters get overwhelmed when they see food that’s labeled as “diet,”fat-free,” or “sugar-free,” and purchase them instantly thinking them as the healthiest options. Not True! These food labels are deceptive because to make the food fat free the food companies have to add other flavor-boosting ingredients to make their product palatable, and once you eat these products, you ultimately end up eating more calories.

Therefore, the best advice is to eat “closer to earth” and opt for fresh foods as far as possible and avoid processed food with misnomer labeling.

Training HardGirl-training

It’s a common belief that if you exercise hard, you will lose more weight. But in actuality, this is not entirely correct. Because the more you exercise, the hungrier you get and the more you eat.

But if you eat the right amount of calories and high protein diet, this can make your muscle toned and hence make you look fit. More the muscle on your body more will be the calories burnt and stronger you look and feel.

But as your appetite increases due to hard training and instead if you eat more or wrong source of calories, then this will ultimately lead to overall growth calorie/fat intake and thus, will not help you in reducing weight. So ideally, you should count your total calorie & fat intake according to your whole day activity level to lose weight.

From our practice, we can ensure you that going to extremes will get you nowhere but right back from where you started. So always remember that balance and moderation are keys to your success.

Fad Dietfruit-juice

Fad diets which promise instant success seem quite appealing, and they do work, but unfortunately, they work only for a short time. When you go back to routine as your body gets tired of being deprived of favorite foods, you will ultimately end up heavier than what you were earlier.

Thus, if you want to lose easier and for a longer time, your diet plan should be based on balance and moderation because extreme couldn’t be practiced for an extended period. If you aim to lose weight, it should be a lifestyle modification and our advice would be:

Don’t do anything you can’t or you won’t keep up for the rest of your life.

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