One of the most popular supplements in the world of sports, fitness and body building, creatine  has earned a name for itself and today and it is widely used across the globe. Creatine works – fitness professionals would agree.

But if you have a doubt about creatine in mind, which is surely the case since you might have searched for it and landed up here, then I would suggest you read through the post to know what creatine does  and if creatine supplements work.

But before we discuss whether creatine supplements work or not, we need to know what does creatine do for the muscles and especially for your body. I hope you get your answer when you have read this post and found out whether you would like to add creatine supplements to your diet or not. There are a lot of myths about creatine that needs to be explained. But one fact is enough to put all doubts to rest, creatine is the best selling supplement.

How Is Creatine Made?

Creatine can be made in two ways: naturally within the body and artificially in  laboratories.  It is a combination of three amino acids – glycine, arginine, methionine.  So basically, it is amino acid. Many people call creatine steroid as it is known for its capability to boost performance, but it is not. It is produced right inside our bodies and also found in protein rich food like meat and fish. Which makes it easy to obtain and affordable as well.

Inside our body, glycin and arginine produces creatine after biosynthesis.  In the laboratory  Sarcosin and Cyanamide are combined to create creatine synthetically. To know more about the detailed manufacturing process of creatine read this post we published earlier, “ How Creatine Is Made? Know The Answer

What Does Creatine Do?

The nineties saw professional athletes, preferring  creatine over other supplements to increase physical performance.

What does Creatine do for the muscles?


After synthesis of amino acids, creatine turns into creatine phosphate, which in turn makes ATP (adenosin triphosphate). ATP helps muscles contract, it gives energy to the muscles. So now you know how creatine is behind working those muscles. With creatine supplement  one can boost performance as it can replace body stored creatine phosphate, when the body runs out of it.

What does Creatine do for the body?

It is also known to increase lean muscle mass. Which is why creatine has a great fan following among body builders.

It also keep s away fatigue and helps stay active for a longer time – whether in the playing field or inside the gym.

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Does Creatine Supplements Work?

Of course it does! Athletes and body builders swear by its productivity. However, beware of some people who are skeptical about creatine though. As I always say, do your own research and find out if there is any truth in what they have to say! Only in this case, we have done the research for you and the moment of truth is here. Not one reputable research shows creatine has harmful side effects. So it is safe to say, that creatine is safe.

Some people also blame creatine for affecting kidney. Which is again proven as false. Hence, till date creatine is one of the safest supplements around.

Creatine supplements work for most people and it works in 3 ways:

  • Helps stay active for a longer time.
  • Fights fatigue
  • Causes weight gain

But we should remember that creatine might not work for everyone. Body builders who already have a high amount of creatine in their muscles are less likely to respond better to creatine supplements than vegans.  However, it is always advised that you see your doctor first and check with him if it will be okay for you to take it. Some people with chronic illness like diabetes,  high blood pressure might need some guidance.

Also it is necessary to have creatine in it’s purest form.  The body  absorbs the supplement perfectly, if  it is 200 mesh or micronized which is the standard for creatine. Creatine is made into fine powder, that dissolves easily and proves it is of high quality! Creatine Monohydrate Mesh 200 from MyFitFuel is one such supplement which has creatine in its purest form. What’s more, you get such an authentic product for a great price!

Are you taking creatine or any other supplements? We would love to know what is working or not-working for you! Just tell us in the comment section below and share your gyan with our other readers.

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