When you start working out with a goal in mind then you want to take every step extra cautiously to achieve the desired result.

It is at this point of time that fitness fanatics start obsessing over everything that can help them with the goal. Be it your personal online research or a conversation with someone experienced in the field of fitness, you are thrown in with words and suggestions that you don’t entirely understand. This is precisely when Myfitfuel comes into play. This is your one stop destination for knowing everything related to fitness and getting the right kind of advice to suit your body type and your interests.

One such thing that’s quite talked about is a mass gainer. It is a boy supplement that is extensively used by sports men and body builders. But what is a mass gainer and what exactly does a mass gainer do is still a question. Hereby listed are answers to all your mass gainer related queries curated specially for you by the experts of Myfitfuel.

What Is A Mass Gainer?

True to its name a mass gainer is a supplement that provides protein; carbohydrates and possibly fats with the intention of helping to add muscle mass. It is a high calorie protein powder aimed at increasing your daily calorie intake to promote mass gain. Using a mass gainer should be complimented along with a healthy and balanced diet.

Answering the questions of what exactly is a mass gainer supplement and what are benefits of a mass gainer: Typically the level of protein in a mass gainer is lower than a normal protein shake but it has high levels of carbohydrates and fats that help in gaining the calorie intake. This is why the experts recommend the right kind of diet as binge eating will only help gain fat no mass.


What Does A Mass Gainer Do?

Depending on the intake of mass gainer that has been recommended to you, a good mass gainer should provide about 300 to 1200 calories. As discussed before the protein level is low in a mass gainer in comparison to whey protein. So the protein may vary from 15 to 65 grams per recommended serving. The gaining of mass is highly dependent on the kind of workout that you do and the kind of food intake you have. So the conversion rate of the mass gainer into actual results on the body simply depends on the amount of physical efforts that you put in.

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Benefits Of A Mass Gainer


In continuation with the discussion of what exactly does a mass gainer do, it is important to look into the varied benefits of mass gainer. Some of the most important benefits of mass gainer have been listed as under:

  • Rich carbs: When you workout extensively you need all the energy to gain the required results. While for the first few days you can get the stored energy out of your body, with time the natural energy starts to deplete. This is when you require a high level of carbohydrates that are widely present in the mass gainer. The high level of carbohydrates also helps in refilling human body’s glycogen intensity.
  • High fiber content: Another important content that’s is well required in the body when you are trying to build muscles is fiber. The fiber has a key role is removing the toxic wastes from the body and thus prepares it to better and healthy lifestyle. As a result of toxic removal of waste the it helps in swift digestion process and a better absorption of the food that you usually have.
  • Gives you required calories: A few of us fall into the category of a hard gainer. This means that no matter how much calorie intake you do it seldom shows on your body. While this is a good thing for those who want to be lean, for a person who wants to build muscles being a hard gainer is a nightmare. Thankfully mass gainer comes to your rescue. The mass gainer benefits the body by providing the required the required calorie to the body. A good mass gainer can provide up to 1000 calories in one shake.
  • Stay lean: A muscle gainer has abundance of good fat or the fat that helps you in staying lean while you are in the process of gaining mass.  Dietary fat is the greatest variable macro nutrient in terms of what repercussions are of the type you take in on the body, therefore it is imperative to take in the dietary fiber in the right amount and the required quantity. You must always keep your eye out for a mass gainer that retains medium chain triglycerides and as little saturated fat as possible.

How To Choose The Best Mass Gainer?

Now that ample has been said about the benefits of the mass gainer, the likely reaction is to include one in your exercise regime if you are a body builder. However, only the right kind of mass gainer can help in getting the desired results on your body.

The carbs to protein ration should ideally be 3:1 in a good mass gainer. Another important content to look for in a mass gainer is a presence of digestive enzymes to reduce bloating.  Furthermore, there should be high quality nutrients and vitamins present in a mass gainer that help with the overall development of the body.

One such mass gainer that perfectly fits the bill is a MyFitFuel Advance MFF Mass Gainer. It has presence of high quality protein and carbohydrates in perfect proportion that will help you gain lean muscles in shortest possible span of time. Like the ideal mass gainer MyFitFuel Advance MFF Mass Gainer has low sugar content and comes in a delectable chocolate flavor so that you can relish the taste and gain lean muscles at the same time. Another added advantage of choosing the MyFitFuel Advance MFF Mass Gainer is the fact that it has 22 vitamins and minerals that can help in achieving the right kind fitness without and deficiency as a an end result.

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