Citrulline malate is a recent induction in the existing list of supplements for cutting. It is new, yet soaring in popularity now.

Citrulline Malate is made using citrulline (as its main ingredient).

Talking about the citrulline uses- I need to say only one thing at this moment- it is ‘The’ supplement for bodybuilders. Dig in for more information, to know, how citrulline malate benefits you and how citrulline uses creates a gold standard workout supplement.

What is Citrulline Malate?

You must know that citrulline is a non-essential amino acid which means it is produced by our body on own and we need not use it as a supplement since our regular diet is sufficient to feed in-citrulline.

To mention about citrulline uses for fitness, in brief, it is a type of amino acid which is converted into l-arginine and nitric oxide by the kidneys in our system. It helps in moderating the blood flow supply in the body, improving the blood vessel health and helps boost our immunity.

Since we don’t need to supplement our body with citrulline exactly, we use it as a component to make the best of citrulline uses.

The result is the gym supplement called citrulline malate.

The supplement is prepared by adding a salt compound called the malic acid to citrulline. Malic acid is used for increasing energy levels and improving tolerance to strenuous workouts. So, by combining the citrulline benefits with malic acid, we have a workable gym fitness solution.

Let us now begin discussing the citrulline malate uses.

Uses of Citrulline Malate


The prime citrulline malate benefits or its uses are derived from its ingredient or the supplement structure itself.

One, citrulline is converted into l-arginine which is one of the 20 amino acids in our body. It is an amino acid which promotes muscle growth and nitric oxide production.

Two, citrulline is also a nitric oxide boosting agent which works to maintain a good blood flow distribution to each body organ and this includes blood supply to the muscle. During workouts, the muscles need nutrients and continuous elimination of waste. Only improved blood flow to the muscles can make this happen.

But, what is the citrulline malate uses then?

We need a supplement like a citrulline malate because our body does not produce an enough amount (of citrulline) to benefit our workouts requirement. Citrulline uses are amplified with the help of this supplement giving us a workout performance edge.

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Talking about other important citrulline uses, the amino acid also plays a vital role in the urea cycle. The waste products resting inside us our channelled out of the body by conversion of waste into an excreting substance called urea. This process is called urea cycle.

And, my last point on citrulline malate uses is again related to the citrulline benefit. This amino acid improves the plasma (the liquid part of the blood which is needed for the functioning of hormones or proteins in the body) levels of an amino acid called ornithine.

This amino acid perfectly complements the benefits of arginine release in the body. The combination of the two amino acids means high energy and vitality.


Benefits of Citrulline Malate

I am listing the citrulline malate benefits at a glance so that the next time you catch a glimpse of it, you know exactly how to use it and what to expect of.

1) Workout Performance

Only time and hard work in the gym can give you the desired body effect. To be able to live up to the challenge, you need to be consistent in your exercise schedule. Only meditated nutrition can help you achieve your long-form fitness goals like building six pack abs.

Citrulline Malate is a smart option which results in improved endurance and tolerance to exercise. It increases muscle strength by transporting the blood to the muscles faster and quicker and thus, improving the oxygen supply to the working muscles.

2) Better Blood flow

Improved blood flow has other benefits too. The faster your body pumps oxygen, your whole body feels less fatigued and worn out. It helps you refresh mentally and make you feel fit and fine physically during the gruelling workout hours.

Your brain too needs oxygen. Only through effective blood flow in the body, will you feel mentally and physically rejuvenated throughout the complete workout schedule every day.

3) Elimination of Toxins

The maximised blood flow also means a reduction in lactic acid and ammonia resting in the muscles and leading to muscle fatigue.

Lactic acid, for example, is a waste by-product formed when your muscles are in great action and undergo anaerobically (absence of oxygen) process. Increased pumping of oxygen means the elimination of lactic acid like waste substance. But when the oxygen supply slows down, the lactic acid gets deposited and causes an intense, burn like feeling, in the muscles.

Taking supplements like citrulline malate benefits our muscle health by accelerating oxygen supply to the muscles and thus taking care of the lactic acid buffering on a regular basis.

4) Increased ATP production

As we know, ATP is the energy fuel for our soring muscles, and an increase in the ATP production can improve muscle recovery and overall muscle performance considerably. By increasing the energy level (ATP production), citrulline malate can remove the muscle toxins even quicker.

It means better muscle recovery and increased workout performance again.

5) Increase in Muscle Recovery

It can be used as a pre-workout supplement to supply energy to the body during the workout. It can also be used as a post-workout supplement to recover faster.

This one benefit [among the others citrulline malate benefits] is a result of an increase in blood flow, activation of amino acids in the blood and increase in growth hormone for faster recovery post the workout.

One of the citrulline uses is to improve the concentration of amino acids or make better use of amino acids as a source for exercising. It aids post workout muscle recovery as well giving you a lean and cut body shape. You build muscle tissues.

The Key Takeaway

Citrulline malate benefits-the list is enormous. And not without a reason. It makes your workouts more pumped-up, comfortable and helps you recover faster so that you feel gym ready the next day.

The supplement is a direct result of the maximum use of citrulline benefits.

An increased concentration of amino acids, improved oxidisation of muscles and removing the waste, do we need to say more on the better condition of your muscles, still?

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