Did you know most of the skeletal muscle (approximately 61 % of an average human) is made up of glutamine? Glutamine is hence the most abundant form of protein in our body.

Impressive, no?

But how many of us are actually aware of what is glutamine? Well, to break the jargon, you just need to read down the lines to understand what is glutamine supplement and what does glutamine do to our body.

What is Glutamine?

Glutamine is one of the essential amino acids required for the protein metabolism and adding volume to muscles.

Glutamine is ‘conditionally essential’ in our body; that is a healthy, unstressed body produces glutamine in adequate amount naturally, but it is required to take more when you are undertaking training and other physical exertion activities.

Glutamine comprises of 19 % nitrogen and is the major supplier of nitrogen in our body. Nitrogen is important because they are the building blocks and all amino acids contain nitrogen. They help in the growth of muscles, tissues, and skin cells.

The glutamine in its fine powdered form gets quickly absorbed by the body and quickly replenishes the glycogen level during workouts. For example, MFF’s Micronized Pure Glutamine is available in fine micro sized particles with ensured purity and is a perfect choice for endurance performers, athletes, and bodybuilders.

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How does Glutamine work?


In our body, the white blood cells (WBC) are responsible for the healing and replacement of the used, old cells. Glutamine is used by the WBCs to help replace the burnt tissue cells by new ones during the physical training or workouts. It thus aids in faster post workout recovery.

Glutamine is synthesized by our body enzymes (enzymes are the promoters for breaking down the nutrition into useful substrates for the body cells); of which about 90 % is used to develop the muscular tissue. Rest of the glutamine synthesized is used by liver, lungs, and brain.

It is possible that you are wondering as in you are already in some supplement diet, and since glutamine has so much benefits then is it fine to take glutamine together with or to stop the former and start on with new glutamine routine.

Well, different supplement diet and glutamine serves different benefits depending on the time and dose of them. To understand when and how much glutamine to take, Glutamine Dosage: How, How Much and When to Take Glutamine is definitely a good read.

  • Glutamine not only helps in the growth of muscles, it incorporates several other benefits. Some of the advantages of incorporating glutamine in diet, especially for athletes and bodybuilders are-
  • Due to physical stress during intense training, glutamine helps in repairing open sores, burned tissues, and injuries. Lack of glutamine can cause infections and decline in health. It is recommended for the trainers to subsume adequate amount of glutamine in their diet, either in the form of supplement or diet sources like- meat, milk, chicken, eggs, etc.
  • It helps to strengthen the intestine, which improves our body’s immunity. It is very essential for the fitness trainers to have proper digestion and immunity against pathogens because an upset stomach even for a day may result in loss of many days workout results.
  • Many studies have shown that glutamine helps in increasing lean body mass. It also helps the people to add volume to the lean physique.
  • It keeps us hydrated, which means lesser chances of fatigue during continuous training sessions.
  • It also helps to maintain the glycogen level in our body.

To know more about the use of glutamine, much more than its use in the fitness industry, kindly visit the blog: 5 Glutamine Uses backed by Science.

Friends, you must have seen in many medical prescriptions, where the doctors have suggested doses of glutamine in some or the other form because of its healing nature. Needless to mention, the glutamine has enormous benefits and makes an excellent supplement to take individually or with other supplement in a discrete blend ratio.

We would be happy to hear your story of how glutamine helped you to sustain the training. Do not forget to share via comments below.

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