“Bodybuilder’s require more magnesium than normal individual for the more required production of anaerobic and aerobic energy”

Bodybuilder’s requirement of magnesium is greater in order to meet the requirement for workout than that of a normal individual. Magnesium plays a pivotal role in production of both anaerobic and aerobic energy through metabolism of adenosine triphosphate (ATP), (the ‘energy currency’). ATP synthesis requires ‘ATPases’ which is magnesium-dependent enzymes.

ATPase enzymes have to work tremendously hard as a normal individual cannot store more than 100g of ATP but during intense exercise the rate of ATP turnover is tremendous, approximately as much as 15kgs per hour of ATP is being broken down and then reformed. Hence to form ATP the requirement of magnesium is much higher in individuals involved in bodybuilding or intense workouts.

After potassium, magnesium is the second most abundant mineral found in the cells of human body. It is present as positively charged magnesium ions found in tissues of bone and muscle. Less than 1% is also found in blood serum.

Magnesium has lot of important functions in our body:

  • It is required for around 300 enzymatic reactions in human body. It is involved in the reactions involving the synthesis of fat, protein and nucleic acids.
  • It is also involved in neurological and cardiac activity and as well as involved in muscular contraction and relaxation and bone metabolism.

Magnesium is present in unrefined whole grain products like wheat bread, pasta etc and also in green vegetables like spinach, beans and peas and also in lentils, nuts and seeds.

As magnesium is a water soluble mineral therefore cooking in water can result in significant losses.

As magnesium is available in minimal food sources and to further make matters worse intake of excessive sugar, alcohol and high fat diets can hamper magnesium absorption and might also increase magnesium excretion. Hence, supplements containing magnesium are beneficial.

So now you know how important is magnesium in your diet? Keep these points in mind for a better intake and production of magnesium.

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