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What is Whey Protein Isolate, When to take & How to take?

Whey protein needs no introduction from us. You love the supplement as much as I do to complement my fitness goals. Then, why are we discussing, what is whey protein isolate or how to take the whey protein Isolate?

My only objective is to take you deeper into the world of one of the best protein supplements we have today. It is always interesting to know-how whey can maximise our fitness goals and this one, the whey isolate, can help us even better.

To do that, we need to know what is whey protein isolate and its associated details like the best time to take whey protein isolate.

What is Whey Protein Isolate?

A whey protein isolate is a differently processed form of whey, a dietary supplement. Whey isolate is further processed or filtered to remove the lactose, fat and carbs from the regular unprocessed whey.

During the processing of whey protein isolate, a high content of protein is retained. In other words, it a purer form of protein.


Whey isolate powder has 90% protein. Almost 90% lactose and fat are removed from whey protein isolate, which makes the supplement easier to digest.

It is prepared in a way to retain the natural protein bio-value of this by-product of milk (which is whey). It is filtered and processed without heating the extract. It is also completely hydrolysed. The process of hydrolysation ensures that the protein molecule is divided into small fractions of whey peptide.

Hydrolysed whey peptides is another interesting factor and a recent phenomenon. I will briefly mention about it. Whey, when broken down into small components or peptides, has more protein and around 50 amino acids. Smaller pieces of whey are easy to digest and act on faster metabolism.

You know how faster digestion of whey post workout can work towards keeping your muscles in an anabolic condition, which means your muscles are growing after that demanding work out.

To read on the exact benefits of whey protein, use this link.

When to take Whey Protein Isolate?


Which brings me to my next point, when to take whey protein isolate or the best time to take whey protein isolate?

Since whey protein isolate is a fast-acting protein and a rich amino acids source, the best time to take whey protein isolate is post workout. A 30-40 gm of whey protein isolate powder is your deal to boost muscle protein synthesis and thus, pave way for quicker muscle recovery and faster muscle building.

The same benefits can be enjoyed before starting the workout. In other words, whey protein isolate is an impressive performance booster and a 20-gm dose will improve endurance and build on the muscle strength to lift the heavy weights.

The same property of whey protein isolate, easy digestion and faster protein action, can be replicated in the morning. However, a key point to remember is that because of its high protein content and fewer carbs or fat, you can mix it to add on nutrient, since it is in the morning time when your body is craving for energy and nutrition.

That brings me to my last point of when to take whey protein isolate-overnight. Have a whey shake before bed time to benefit muscles growth.

How to take Whey Isolate?

Some people continue to suggest that a whey protein isolate is nutritious enough. It lacks the benefit of whey concentrate which has more nutrient value than whey isolate. But, whey protein isolate has pure protein? So which product to buy?

A smart workout strategy is investing in products such as MFF Whey Protein Isolate 90.

When on a lean diet, you can prefer the product in its unflavoured form, to feed your body with 29.5 gm of protein in a single serve of 32.8 gm.

An alternative, like during the bulking phase is the rich chocolate delight whey protein isolate 90, which 26.3 gm of protein in a single serve of 32.8 gm serve.

The protein content is on a dry basis. MFF Whey Protein Isolate Unflavoured is muscle nutrition rich with around 6.3 gm of BCAA, Glutamine (4.5 gm) and in addition (13.6 gm) of essential amino acids.

Please note that MFF Whey Protein Isolate on dry basis means that it is the actual amount feed of protein in the body minus the moisture content.

A quick look through the product on the website will tell you, the difference in the protein content on ‘dry basis’ and ‘in-protein basis’. The moisture content is normally 4% to 7% of the protein value. MFF clearly mentions it on the packing label.


So, today we have discussed on an interesting topic, whey isolate, and captured in detail, the essence of this wonder supplement by touching on points like how to take whey protein isolate and when to take whey protein isolate.

The only concern the fitness products critics continue to express is regarding the nutrition value of whey protein isolate, especially in comparison to its close affiliate, whey protein concentrate. However, because whey isolate has 90% of pure protein and is easy to digest, it is hard to ignore the supplement.

Whey protein concentrate has 80% protein, yet, when you are seriously thinking protein and fuller, lean muscle growth, which one will you choose-pure or the concentrate?

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