muscular-guyThe knowledge of “muscle memory” is quiet useful for muscle enthusiast who usually take long breaks between workouts due to inactivity and long standing illness or injury. The actual thought behind muscle growth is that once an individual has attain a certain level of strength during the first time, later on when they again start with the workout they will find it much easier to reach that point, even if their muscles get lost meanwhile.

Muscles generally go through permanent changes while training. During inactivity period of 2-3 weeks an individual may lose 5-10% of their muscle mass initially and all muscle mass if one goes without exercise for more than 3 weeks.

During intense training the number of nuclei in the muscle fibres increases which remain intact throughout the life even if the stress on the muscles is diminished. And when the muscles are again stimulated during workout the increased nuclei which are once formed will still remain and muscle will start building up again with much ease.

Same is the case with fat cells. When a person gain weight initially the existing fat cells get bigger in size and once they reach a point when they can’t get bigger anymore , new fat cells are created which remain there for lifetime even when you lose weight. And hence it is easier for that individual to regain his fat weight again much easily.

Since the nuclei which are formed in the muscle fibres are main component for the synthesis of new protein in the muscles after the training, therefore the ability of the muscles to regain will remain with you for lifetime. So in spite of the fact that how much time has gone by without exercise, but whenever you will try to regain the muscles it should be formed much easily.

Below are the few tips by which you can rebuild your muscles much easily:

  • Do exercise regularly: Save some time from work to do exercise for at least 3 days in a week. It has also been proved that more muscles are built when individual lift relatively light weights till the time they get exhausted and could not lift any more.
  • Take enough rest: Although resting may look like underproductive in regaining muscle mass still enough rest is necessary to allow your muscles to recover. Rest will certainly ensure your overall well being and will also provide energy necessary to work out.
  • Eat a well balance diet: To meet the demand of new muscles and increased exercise one must ensure to eat a well balanced diet with increase daily caloric intake. Diet comprising of whole grains cereals and pulses, fruits, vegetables, low fat dairy products, egg whites and lean meats is necessary for muscle growth. Consuming omega 3 rich foods like salmon or mackerel also help to regain muscles easily.
  • Hydration: Drink at least 3-4 litres of water daily to keep yourself well hydrated. Enough water will also ensure to flush toxins from your body and support muscle growth. To read more about hydration: click here
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