It is an usual habit among many bodybuilders and athletes that they purchase the supplements in bulk and store them.

The real concern comes when those stacked packets of supplement approach the expiration date.

But what exactly is the whey protein expiration date?

Or, do whey protein actually have an expiration date?

Well, it is absolutely fine to use it even after the mentioned whey protein expiration date. However one should be careful, if there is any sign of the powder smelling bad, or moisture attack in the packet.

Let us make your judgment easy, by pointing the things to consider while using the whey protein powder post expiration date.

Is Expired Whey Protein Safe?

Whey protein powder is a dairy derivative, but they don’t spoil like meat or milk. Mainly, the dry environment makes it impossible for the microbes to grow.

Hence, it is perfectly safe to use the whey protein post expiration.

If you are using whey protein after expiration date, then you should examine the powder first, for any obvious signs that it is not suitable to consume.

Relax, I am not suggesting any laboratory tests, these are simple observations that makes sure that the whey protein powder is fit to use, even after expiration date. Please avoid using the whey protein if you find the following-

1) Clumps

If the packet or tub is not tightly sealed, or the packaging is damaged while storage or transportation, then chances are that moisture seeps inside, which causes the powder to form lumps. Moisture creates the environment for microbes to grow, so it is better to buy a new tub or packet if you found lumps of whey protein and the packet has already crossed the expiration date.

2) Bad Odor

Manufacturers add flavor, which gives them taste and odor. Even with the slightest rotten smell, you should avoid using that whey protein powder.

3) Taste

If you feel the off taste of the whey protein powder or the flavor feels suppressed, then you should purchase a new tub instead of using that.

4) Color

If you find discolored fragments, or black/grey porous layer, there is a fair chance of bacterial or fungal attack. Please don’t use the whey protein powder in that case. If you are thinking that drying in sun will get rid of bacteria and fungus, then please don’t do so, because the microbial action might have resulted in gradual breakdown of amino acid lysine. It might not be harmful, but it won’t be effective either.

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About Whey Protein Expiration Date

Usually, in the whey protein powder packets, the sell-by date is mentioned around a year after the date of manufacture. It is given shorter than the actual consumption period of the protein because the added flavor may start to fade after the said time. And, the manufacturer cannot guarantee the storage environment of the packet, once it is out from the factory.

In most of the cases, we can use the whey protein 6-18 months past the expiration date. Having said, if stored properly, it is totally fine to use the whey protein for much longer time after the prescribed time period.

If the whey protein tub or packet is already opened, and it has crossed the expiration date, then it is better to consume it within 6 months.

If the expired protein powder contains carbohydrates and fat additives, then you should be cautious while using them, as the fats may eventually go rancid, just like other food products.

Is it Safe to take Whey Protein after Expiration Date?

Yes, it is safe to take whey protein after expiration date, provided they are stored in airtight environment and away from heat and moisture.

In case, you skipped the points to consider about whey protein powder expiration, please refer the above paragraphs.

Now that we know that it is safe to use whey protein after expiration date, a question popped up in my mind that why don’t the manufacturers give the exact or extended expiration date?

What do you think?

Well, the answer is simple, but we would like to pin your logics into this. So please comment your thoughts on this.

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