Ever since I published the article on How to use Whey Protein for Weight Gain, I have received so many queries from you people mostly on ‘what should be the ideal ingredients list for a whey protein supplement.’ Well, in this article, I will take you through some of the key ingredients present in a whey protein supplement and how beneficial they may prove for your fitness goals.

Whey Protein Ingredient List

1). Whey Protein Ingredients: Amino Acids

Amino acids are the building blocks of the protein. A good quality whey protein supplement usually has a strong amino acids profile. On top of it, it should also feature a remarkable proportion of branched chain amino acids (BCCAs). Well, let us see some of the key amino acids that you will often see present on a whey protein powder ingredients list –

  • L-Alanine: It is a non-essential amino acid that is primarily known for its ability to support intensive training and help achieve ideal muscle growth. Besides this, it also supports healthy immune system and prevents cardiovascular illness.
  • L-Arginine: It is a semi-essential amino acid which not only encourages healthy muscle growth but also strengthens the immunity of the body. Moreover, L-arginine also helps in maintaining healthy levels of fats and cholesterol.
  • L-Aspartic Acid: Here’s an amino acid that is responsible for promoting a strong metabolism, and is often used as a treatment for fatigue. Additionally, it plays a key role in generating energy at cellular level.
  • L-Cysteine: Upon entering the human body, L-Cysteine breaks down into taurine and glutathione. While taurine is beneficial for detoxifying the liver and maintaining heart health, glutathione is an antioxidant which helps boost brain function.
  • L-Glutamic Acid: Often consumed as a direct supplement, L-Glutamic acid is one of the finest supplements available for energy production. In fact, it is required by the human body more than any other amino acid out there.
  • L-Glycine: Here’s the amino acid that is beneficial for your entire body. From rapid muscle growth to improving digestion and promoting restful sleep, L-Glycine is a crucial amino acid in your whey protein powder.
  • L-Histidine: Histidine is widely used for medicinal purposes. Being a foundation block for hemoglobin, it plays a fundamental role in the transportation of oxygen within RBCs.
  • L-Isoleucine: First of all, L-Isoleucine is categorized as a branched-chain amino acid (BCAA). Isoleucine is broken down in the muscles tissues for deriving energy. It also supports anabolism and plays a key role in protein synthesis.
  • L-Leucine: Like Isoleucine, Leucine cannot be produced by our bodies and hence it should be obtained from dietary sources. Of all the three BCAAs, leucine is present in the highest proportion in your muscles. Leucine has been proven to trigger muscle growth and fat loss.
  • L-Lysine: Besides being effective in helping your body to absorb calcium efficiently, L-Lysine helps reduce anxiety and promote good mental health.
  • L-Methionine: L-Methionine helps in regulating many key functions in the body. It enhances metabolism and speeds up fat loss process. Medically, methionine is used to avert liver harm Tylenol poisoning.
  • L-Phenylalanine: It is an essential amino acid that has been majorly used for controlling signs of depression and chronic pain. Apart from this, ingesting Phenylalanine may improve memory and concentration.
  • L-Proline: L-Proline is needed by the body to keep the muscles and joints flexible. Proline along with Lysine forms a compound that produces collagen which helps in the treatment of osteoarthritis and chronic back pain. In addition to this, reduction in the levels of Proline in your body may promote catabolism and hence muscle loss.
  • L-Serine: Serine is obtained from Glycine. It is basically known for its ability to improve physical health, enhance mood, reduce anxiety, strengthen the immune system and increase creatine absorption in the body.
  • L-Threonine: You should know that your body needs L-Threonine to produce two important amino acids glycine and serine. Threonine along with aspartic acid helps liver digest fats and fatty acids. Besides this, Threonine is responsible for the production of antibodies which supports the healthy immunity of the human body.
  • L-Tryptophan: It is an essential amino acid which helps the human body to create protein and a brain chemical known as Serotonin. Serotonin regulates your mood and sleep. Tryptophan is also used to cure insomnia, anxiety, and depression. Additionally, several studies have shown tryptophan to improve athletic performance.
  • L-Tyrosine: Tyrosine is an all-purpose amino acid. Not only does it help in reducing stress and symptoms of depression but it is also helpful in building strong muscles. Moreover, tyrosine provides relief from fatigue and may improve memory.
  • L-Valine: Last but not the least, here’s a branched chain amino acid that is vital to every bodybuilder and athlete. L-Valine is crucial for supplying energy to the muscles. It also increases the endurance levels and aid in growth and recovery of muscle tissues after a strenuous training session. In addition to this, L-Valine plays a critical role in maintaining healthy function of CNS.

2). Whey Protein Ingredients: Macros


Not just protein, but a whey protein supplement also contains a handful amount of carbs and fats in it. Some manufacturers even add sugar in their whey powder. Below is what their ideal numbers should look like –

  • Protein: The protein content in a whey protein supplement usually depends upon the processes it has been subjected to. For instance, a typical whey concentrate supplement may contain anywhere between 20-24 grams of protein per one scoop. On the other hand, whey isolate protein powder which is manufactured after making whey protein pass through an extra round of complex processes may contain about 24-27 grams of protein per serving size.
  • Carbs: It goes without saying that high-carb content is the last thing you want to see in your whey protein supplement. To ensure effective results in terms of lean muscle growth and fat loss, a whey protein supplement should contain the least proportion of carbs. While a good whey protein concentrate powder may contain around 2-4g of carbs per serving, whey isolate protein may contain only 0-2g of carbs per scoop.
  • Fats: Needless to say, like carbs, a good whey protein supplement should contain the least amount of fats in it. A whey protein powder low in fats will not only ensure you stay on top of your lean muscle plan but also reduce unwanted calories from fats. As a matter of fact, an ideal whey protein powder supplement should contain fats not more than 4 grams per one scoop serving.
  • Sugar: Quite often you will find whey protein manufacturers use sugar and a whole lot of other additives to make your whey protein taste better. It’s a trend these days. However, you should stay away from purchasing such protein powders as consumption of these on a daily basis may do a lot of harm to your health in the long run.

The simple rule of thumb says to buy a whey protein supplement that contains no added sugar in it. Besides this, always make sure that you purchase from a supplier that is willing to disclose all the ingredients in whey protein supplement.


3). Whey Protein Ingredients: Other miscellaneous ingredients

Some of the most common additives used in whey protein supplement are sucralose, cocoa, and emulsifiers like soya lecithin. Know what it means to have them in your whey protein –

  • Soya Lecithin: Soya Lecithin is a common emulsifier used to add creaminess to the shake. Besides this, it is a good source of choline, a micronutrient helpful in maintaining a healthy metabolism, muscle movement and regulating kidney and liver functions.
  • Cocoa: You may usually find cocoa enlisted in ingredients of many chocolate flavored whey protein supplements. Although cocoa can take up the space meant for protein in a protein supplement, it adds a whole lot of other benefits to the mix. Studies have shown cocoa to be beneficial for heart, skin and brain health.
  • Sucralose: Sucralose is used in the place of sugar to add sweetness to your protein shake. Unlike sugar, sucralose does not contain any calories and is safe for everyone including diabetic patients.

Whey Protein 70 Ingredients

MFF Whey Protein – 70 German Chocolate Delight
Serving Size: 1 scoop (32g) Amino Acid Profile (in mg)
Amount per serving (Per serving of protein)
Total fat 2.2g L-Tryptophan 300
Total carbs 5g L-Valine 1300
Sugar 0g L-Threonine 1550
Cholesterol 45mg L-Isoleucine 1430
Sodium 60mg L-Leucine 2100
Protein 20g L-Lysine 1970
BCAA 4.8g L-Phenylalanine 610
Glutamine 3.4g L-Methionine 630

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Whey Protein Concentrate Ingredients

MFF Whey Protein 80 – Swiss Vanilla
Serving Size: 1 scoop (32g) Amino Acid Profile (in mg)
Amount per serving (Per serving of protein)
Protein 25g L-Alanine 1225
Total Carbs 1.7g L-Arginine 525
Added sugar 0g L-Aspartic Acid 2700
Total Fat 2.5g L-Cysteine 575
Cholesterol Negligible L-Glutamic Acid 4175
Trans fatty acids Negligible L-Glycine 450
Saturated fats 1.5g L-Histidine 550
Sodium 44g L-Isoleucine 1450
L-Leucine 2700
L-Lysine 2400
L-Methionine 475
L-Phenylalanine 825
L-Proline 1450
L-Serine 1175
Total Protein 25g L-Threonine 1800
EAA 12.1g L-Tryptophan 525
BCAA 5.6g L-Tyrosine 450
Glutamine 4.1g L-Valine 1450

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Whey Protein Isolate Ingredients

MFF 100% Whey Protein – Swiss Vanilla
Serving Size: 1 scoop (32g) Amino Acid Profile (in mg)
Amount per serving (Per serving of protein)
Protein 26g L-Alanine 1255
Total Carbs 1.3g L-Arginine 554
Added sugar 0g L-Aspartic Acid 2810
Total Fat 2g L-Cysteine 635
Cholesterol Negligible L-Glutamic Acid 4310
Trans fatty acids Negligible L-Glycine 453
Saturated fats 1.2g L-Histidine 569
Sodium 83g L-Isoleucine 1478
L-Leucine 2856
L-Lysine 2569
L-Methionine 514
L-Phenylalanine 865
L-Proline 1421
L-Serine 1102
Total Protein 25g L-Threonine 1704
EAA 12.6g L-Tryptophan 577
BCAA 5.8g L-Tyrosine 562
Glutamine 4.3g L-Valine 1483

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Casein Protein Ingredients

MFF Calcium Caseinate 90% – Swiss Vanilla
Serving Size: 1 scoop (32g) Amino Acid Profile (in mg)
Amount per serving (Per serving of protein)
Protein 28g L-Alanine 756
Total Carbs 0.06g L-Arginine 924
Added sugar 0g L-Aspartic Acid 1820
Total Fat 0.3g L-Cysteine 112
Cholesterol Negligible L-Glutamic Acid 5488
Trans fatty acids Negligible L-Glycine 476
Saturated fats 0.3g L-Histidine 784
Sodium 7g L-Isoleucine 1428
Calcium 140mg L-Leucine 2492
L-Lysine 2044
L-Phenylalanine 1344
L-Proline 2604
L-Serine 1568
Total Protein 28g L-Threonine 1148
EAA 12.1g L-Tryptophan 364
BCAA 5.7g L-Tyrosine 1428
Glutamine 5.4g L-Valine 1820

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