I am pretty sure you all know atleast one gym rat who constantly advertises Whey Protein and brags about it, and every time he does that, you’d be like, “Alright, but what good is it to me?” the truth, however,  is whey protein has more to it than meets the eye.

Whey protein is regarded as one of the finest studied supplements, and the reasons are evident. As a matter of fact Whey powder and whey proteins correspond to a global market. Its worth was nearly USD 9.8 billion in 2013, an exponential boom of 36 per cent was witnessed from 2011. Given the increasing demand and higher prices, the industry of whey protein is anticipated to represent a market value almost equal to USD 11.7 billion in 2017. (Source)

The facts sound astonishing right? But, that’s the ‘Whey’ it is. (See, what I did there.) Anyways, let’s not deviate from the topic. I’ve enlisted 10 Benefits about Whey Protein that will help you give a better perspective about this supplement.

1) Beneficial for Weight Loss

Yes, yes you read that right. Probably most of you might have heard benefits of whey protein for weight loss, but for those of you still unaware about it, I am here to tell you. It does, I am a living example of it. Increased intake of protein is a well-known weight loss strategy, everyone knows it. But how?

Here’s how – Protein consumption suppresses your appetite, ultimately leading to lesser calorie intake. In addition to decreasing calorie intake it also empowers you to enhance the metabolism, and burn more calories, period. And in all the due process, the muscle mass is maintained whilst the weight is lost.

Whey protein has been proven to be highly effective in reducing fat.


2) Helps you Grow 6 Pack Abs

In the last point we discussed reducing fat by whey protein? Well, this is level 2 of that game. If you combine Whey with a regular cardio and low carb diet, you can also achieve those attractive 6 abs. And the good news is both men and women can be benefitted by it. Recommended by many experts in the body building industry, Whey protein is one of the key supplements to develop a robust core.

3) Benefits the Muscles after a Workout

An arduous workout for an hour or two leaves your muscles ravenous, making them soak up more protein compared to any other time of the day. Owing to its rapid action, whey protein stimulates faster recovery and helps you build lean muscle mass post workout. One should never undermine whey protein’s benefits after a workout.

Even for sports persons, practicing all day long on the field, a scoop or two of Whey can tremendously help you with muscle recovery, and mind you, at a relatively faster rate. That being said, I recommend you to have the whey protein within 30 minutes after your workout, for this window it is the best time to take whey protein. Try it for a couple of months and thank me later.

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4) Reduces Stress

Technicalities apart, Whey protein is way better than alcohol when it comes to reducing stress. Whey protein constitutes of all the vital amino acids and one of those is tryptophan. Tryptophan is the very element that makes you feel composed, relaxed and sleepy after having a big and satisfying dinner. But it’s also associated to your brain’s fabrication of serotonin.

When the amount of serotonin is low in your brain, you might as well display symptoms of anxiety and depression. However, if you improve the serotonin levels in your body and that can be achieved through a protein enriched diet like whey, your body will be able to generate more serotonin and keep those feelings of stress far away from you.

5) Provides you Energy all through the Day

Apart from keeping you pumped up in the gym, Whey is also acknowledged to keep you energized all day long. One scoop with breakfast helps you keep the energy level intact, even for a normal person, who doesn’t work out this is the good source of energy and in between the meals, say before lunch is also recommended. Benefits of whey protein powder for men is not limited to just Gymoholics, period.

6) Perquisites Women as well

What? Really, though? Well, Yes! My last point is to break all the stereotypes and myths our country has had on this very supplement. Guys, whey protein doesn’t gender discriminate. Benefits of whey protein powder for women are equally fruitful. Not only in building muscle but the right quantity of whey helps in weight loss of women, prevent hair fall, fast aging skin amongst other things. And no, it won’t make you look manlier. One of my friends works out with me and she consumes whey, and trust me when I say, she couldn’t be any more beautiful.

7) Builds Endurance

What if I tell you that whey protein makes you stronger at the gym? I’ve felt it myself. But why would you believe a guy who’s been working out for 2 hours every day for past 3 years. So I have a summary of a research published in the Journal of Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise. The study was carried out to determine whether or not whey protein enhances exercise performance.

40 male rats were the subject of study and they were divided into four groups. Two groups of rats were kept in a state of inactivity, but one sect was fed whey protein whilst the other received normal diet. The other two groups of rats were made to swim, everyday. One faction was fed with normal diet and the other received whey protein.

Researchers increased the intensity of force progressively and at the end of 42 days the mice swam for complete one hour with a load attached to their tail. Then they calculated forelimb grip potency and the amount of time it took the rats to swim to overtiredness.

It is quite ubiquitous that the swimming rats showed a decline in their body weight, but the swimming rats fed with whey protein not only improved their grip strength, but their exhaustion time doubled. This study showed that consuming whey not only bettered body composition, but also reinforced the muscles of rats and became an efficient assist to let them to work out longer.

8) Checks Blood Sugar Level

The fact that consuming protein in conjunction with foods that contain sugar minimizes the rate of sugar entering the blood stream is not a new discovery or breaking news, we all know it. And that’s one of the major reasons why a cheese cake that is topped with an apple is mixed with the right quantity of protein to make it healthier.

Researchers are of the view that mixing whey with sugary foods help diabetics lower their blood sugar, for whey is a good source of protein. As a matter of fact, LiveScience presented a published study verifying that when 14 type 2 diabetics mixed whey protein with high sugar meals, their insulin creation was noticed greater than before and their blood sugar did not increase.


9) Prevents Cancer

Do I have your attention now? I believe I do. Men’s Health proffered an astonishing discovery in the world of prostate cancer research.

Examiners placed whey protein on human prostate cells and then measured the level of glutathione present in the cells post examination. In the words of Dr. Mark Hyman, glutathione is the “mother of all antioxidants”. This antioxidant is well-known to soak up free radicals and prevent cancer.

But what was the role of whey protein on the prostate cells? Glad you asked. Remarkably, the examiners observed a brilliant increase of 64 per cent in glutathione, and that was a result of the whey protein treatment.

Rosemary L. Walzem, R.D., Ph.D., director of the Center for Nutrition, Health, and Food Genomics at Texas A & M University says, “Whey is a great source of the amino acid cysteine, and cysteine can turn out to be glutathione in the body”.

10) Supports a Healthy Heart

Department of Food Science and Human Nutrition at Iowa State University conducted a study that proved that combining a whey protein drink with the meals of young subjects with high blood pressure lowered both their systolic and diastolic blood pressure. However, participants with normal blood pressure levels didn’t observe the same lowering outcomes.

I believe this article was helpful, share it with your friends and let them know the benefits of whey protein and if you’ll excuse me, it’s time to have my whey protein.


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