Being an online fitness instructor, I have often been asked by my female clients whether whey protein is good for losing weight for women or not. Some even go a step further and inquire about top whey protein for women. Well, here’s what I think about whey protein and weight loss for women –

Is Whey Protein Good for Women to Lose Weight?

Many women simply duck out of whey protein supplementation just because they think it will bulk them up. But ladies, it’s just a big fat lie!

The truth is that whey protein will not only increase your metabolism (so that you burn more calories per day than those who don’t supplement) but also promotes satiety and keeps your hunger cramps down.

Moreover, for women who find it difficult to achieve daily recommended protein intake can easily increase their protein levels with the help of whey protein powder.

You also get the benefit of essential amino acids like leucine which help in maintaining lean muscle growth while promoting fat loss.

Now that you are finally enlightened with the truth, let’s head straight towards your guide to using whey protein for weight loss (Bonus: Best whey protein powder for weight loss for women and other essential weight loss supplement recommendations inside the article. Don’t miss this chance. Go on, scroll down).


How to use Whey Protein Powder for Weight Loss for Women?

A. Between Meals

Drinking protein shake between meals is one of the finest ways a woman can lose weight. Not only does it provide you with essential nutrition but also keeps your mid-day cravings away.

For example, if you just ate your lunch and you know you are not going to hold it up to dinner without fries and burgers in the evening, then you should certainly include a whey protein shake at the time when your cravings start to set in.

I usually have my lunch at around 2 in the noon, and my dinner goes as late as 8 or sometimes 9 in the night. So, to make sure that I’m not starving my body for nutrition, I prefer taking MFF Whey 100 Protein powder mixed with milk (it tastes so good!) about 2-3 hours after my lunch.

Mix your whey protein powder with skim milk or with water if you are too conscious about those extra calories.

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B. Snack/Meal Replacement

“I can’t have breakfast. I’m getting late for work. Will head straight for lunch” – This is most of us in the morning. Well, don’t worry. I’m not here to brag about the importance of breakfast and why you should never skip it. But I will give you all a possible solution to your never ending breakfast worries.

A great alternative to boring breakfast recipes is to prepare a whey protein smoothie that you can drink on the go. I usually have a protein smoothie made up of my favourite one scoop MFF Whey Protein 80 Swiss Vanilla, 1 cup milk, a handful of frozen berries and few ice cubes.

I also add BCAAs to my morning whey protein shake to halt the muscle breakdown and switch to the anabolic system. Because why just lose weight when you can build muscle too!

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C. Post-Workout

Post-workout nutrition is not only important to bodybuilders but also to average gym goers who wish nothing but to lose few pounds of weight. After a good training session, it’s time for you to reward your body with top-notch nutrition. And what’s better than a handy post-workout whey protein shake.

Besides protein shake, I like to take MFF Glutamine after my workouts so that I can recover faster from my training session.


D. Before sleep

The real struggle for people who are on a weight loss diet routine (especially the ones with low carb meal plan) is to control their midnight carb cravings. Relatable, right?

Well, here’s how you can fight back your midnight snack cravings – Short before you are going to call it a day and retire to bed, I recommend drinking MFF Casein Protein mixed with water. Casein Protein aka slow digesting protein slowly releases essential amino acids and protein into your blood stream so that you feel full throughout the night until you wake up in the morning next day.


In a nutshell, weight loss for women ain’t that tough as it seems. Lying there on the sofa and looking all around the internet for top rated whey protein for women and other weight loss supplements serves no purpose until you become brave enough to stop being a couch potato and trouble yourself with this thing called ‘working out’. And as it is rightly said, ‘Rome wasn’t built in a day’ and neither will you lose weight after a single workout. Be consistent to see great results. Good luck.


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