Whey protein is one of the common supplements used during workouts. It has benefits attached to muscular health and is a trusted source for muscles building.  So, far we have been discussing when and how to take a whey protein shake.

Today, we take a different approach to talk about your preferred supplement. We focus on benefits of taking a whey protein shake before bedtime if at all it is good to take protein shakes before the bed.

Is Whey one of your Nighttime Shakes?

The first question related to our topic is- can you take protein before bed and the answer to it is- a yes. A simple logic is, protein before bed, is a better option than consuming carbs at night. A protein shake at night means less calorie consumption.

So, is whey protein before bed a good option too?

A whey scoop for night time protein shake is recommendable for few reasons. Let me taken an example of a good whey product like MyFitFuel Whey Protein 100 to explain my point.

MFF Whey 100 is a pure protein dose of 26 grammes per serve and has 5.6 gramme of BCAA & 4.3 gramme of Glutamine, and is Aspartame-Free.

How does it help you to take protein at night?

Know why Whey Protein before Bed is good.

It refuels your muscles with energy supply (by raising your ATP levels). You feel more energetic in the morning as your muscles are back in shape, ready for the next workout.

A bigger plus of whey protein before bed is its amino acid profile. As mentioned above, the BCAA and Glutamine profile in MFF Whey Protein 100 helps in many ways.

  1. Glutamine promotes sleep by shutting down a cellular toxin in your body called ammonia. A hard workout means a breakdown of protein which releases ammonia and creates blockage for your living cells to breathe. Glutamine is one of the amino acids which improve production of ammonia inside the liver. Besides, Glutamine also stops stress and calms your mind giving you a good night sleep. 
  2. BCAA is good for muscle recovery and improving protein synthesis during the night.

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Why taking Whey Protein before Bed is still not good


Protein at night or whey before bedtime is all okay for reasons we have discussed so far. Talking in particular about whey protein before bed, there are certain disadvantages too. Let us know what they are.

  • Whey gets dissolved in the bloodstream faster and is an easy to digest protein type. It replenishes the subdued muscle energy levels after a hard workout. Thus, it is a preferred post-workout supplement.
  • Yet, the same fact does not make it a favourite protein shake at night because you need a slow digesting protein to work through the night. A near perfect fit in this category is casein protein.
  • Whey before bed can also lead to weight gain. It immediately spikes your insulin level and also increases your blood sugar level. If you like having flavoured whey powder it means more sugar at bedtime.

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Is there a Better Protein Shake before Bed?

Bodybuilders prefer another source of protein shakes at night which is- casein. It has anti-catabolic properties and is a slow to digest protein source. Casein releases its constituents in your body up to 7 hours in a night.

Your body is undernourishment when you sleep through the night. Gym goers and athletes prefer to consume if 30-60 minutes before bedtime.

A good product like MFF Calcium Caseinate 90 has the following benefits:

  • Ideal bedtime slow release casein protein
  • 28gm protein from fresh milk per 32gm serving
  • 7gm BCAA and 5.4gm Glutamine
  • Plays anti-catabolic role minimising muscle breakdown


It is common sense to consume whey and casein in a way so you get most nutrition benefits from it. Supplement timing is a factor to get these benefits but is important to consume whey at the same time.

If you like to have a whey protein shake before bed, you can do so, as you enjoy its quality nutrition. For, it is more important to have it than searching for the right time to have whey.

Depending upon your schedule, you can choose to buy an MFF Whey Protein 80 which has an amino acid profile or an MFF Whey 100. The latter has a higher content of protein, BCAA and Glutamine together. Both are available on at a good price.

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