If you wish to buy a protein powder pack, the first product which is visible to you is Whey. Try surfing the internet, the Google will throw many options of a good whey pack (presumably). You can take a quick decision to buy this supplement as it is easily available online and on shelves too.

But, many questions continue to circle your mind. Like:

How much to consume, how does it suit your body type or is it a workout supplement, is it safe to have whey protein without exercise too.

The internet will provide you with a complete download on whey and its many benefits. Yet, it is important to know certain facts. To A) Burst the myth about protein; B) understand about drinking whey protein.

So, here we are. I recommend, go through this link to get familiar with whey first: 10 Benefits about Whey Protein you didn’t know

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Can you take Whey Protein without Exercising?  

Protein by far is the one of the most preferred macro-nutrient. People associate it with a weight-loss diet. If you wish to avoid fat or carbs, switch to protein. Fewer calories do not mean workout for many people.

So, if you ask yourself should I take protein shakes, your mind will tempt you to say a yes. But is it good if I drink protein shakes without working out, you answer will be different?

Well, to clear this confusion in your mind with a yes or no is difficult. Yet, to answer the question- Can you take whey protein without exercising- the answer is yes.

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Is it Safe to take Whey Protein without Exercising?


Having said yes to whey protein all time, it is natural for me to discuss safety level of its consumption. If you can take it then it means it is safe to have it. But, how much and for what should be clear. The simple logic of losing weight with whey does not mean you overdo it.

It is safe because a person weighing 70 kg on an average needs 80-90 grams of protein every day. It doesn’t matter if you source it from food or a supplement like whey. Only thing is buying a genuine product like MFF Whey 80, which gives you 25.6 grams of protein in a single serve.

It is safe and doable, but your body needs balanced nutrition. So, it may not be wise to ignore your health by consuming protein only. Other macronutrients like carbs and fats are important too.

So, how does Whey help you in Gaining Muscles or Losing Weight?

Why a bodybuilder requires whey is quite understood. Drinking whey for muscle mass or shedding calories without workouts is another story. We begin by discussing the positives first.

It boosts your metabolism: Whey is a by-product of milk processed during cheese making.  It has natural protein content. Recent research talks about protein as an energy expenditure. It expends more energy than carbs too. In other words, it helps you burn more calories in comparison.

It reduces hunger: Protein without whey or with whey makes a difference. Whey reduces your hunger. Whey protein mixed in water is a complete meal proving you with 110 calories of nutrition.

We also discuss about benefits of protein (and whey) shakes without exercising.

The basic function of whey protein (shake) is to increase muscle endurance. You need it for muscle repair, recovery and strengthening, when you pump muscles in the gyms. Without workouts, there is no muscle activism and thus, your muscles don’t need an extra feed of protein. It is unlikely you gain muscle mass.

Like I said earlier, one glass of whey protein shake means 110 calories. A whey smoothie using other ingredients will shoot up its calorific value.  A whey shake, adding so many calories to your routine, will only lead to weight gain.

Again, too much focus on one nutrient is likely to make you ignore others. Our body needs only a part of the protein to meet the daily nutrition requirements. Overdosing on protein means miss on a wholesome diet. It also creates pressure on the kidneys to digest and flush it out of the system.

There are benefits and downsides both. There are benefits and downsides both. To balance the two, we should keep in mind the level of consumption.


How much Whey Protein to take when you are not doing exercise

Continuing our discussion, I will take two perspectives to clarify the matter at hand.

  1. Whey protein without exercise
  2. Protein shakes without working out

Whey is a digestible protein source and a good replacement for protein rich food. If your diet is protein rich and includes eggs, fish, pulses, and soy beans etc then be mindful. Replace one or two items in a day only with a whey protein shake.

MFF Whey Protein 80 is affordable and available online. The 28.6 grams of high-quality protein feed is good for metabolism. If you have it every morning, your metabolic rate is likely to improve.

You can also choose to have a whey meal by replacing your full meal in a day. It can only happen when you are hungry. Drinking whey protein means your body is likely to burn [protein] faster.

It is good to drink whey without workouts. Other protein supplements like soy, rice, egg, or casein do not meet your purpose.

You can continue to consume eggs for example in its natural form. It is good for optimal nourishment, especially when you are not working out. You don’t need to replace them with supplements. An egg protein shake is very slow to digest and doesn’t help you burn fat without workouts.

But, a scoop of whey protein is easy to digest and is a means to speed up your weight loss using proteins.


Whey protein without exercising is a safe option. If you don’t cross the limits, you continue enjoying the benefit of a protein like whey. It is not loading on stomach and burns calories (good for protein breakdown) too.

Always check the source of whey protein. You should know where to buy it from and its content profile. It is important because you need the right whey protein profile without workouts.

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