Let us start with the basics- What are Proteins and why do we need Proteins?

  • Proteins are the building blocks of our body- We all have been taught this statement in our school life but what exactly does it mean?
  • These are a class of nitrogenous organic compounds with large molecules made up of chains of amino acids.

The importance of Proteins can itself be visualized from the meaning of the word. It is a Greek term where Protos means Taking first place.

Why are Proteins important and What do Proteins do to our body?

Proteins are known to help repair our damaged tissues, cells, hair, nails etc. and help build up new ones thus becoming an integral part of our body architecture.

But for all the health freaks out there who don’t really mind burning a hole in their pockets when it comes to Protein, lets us venture into the reason why they do so.

  • Apart from the repair and building work, Proteins play a vital role in the synthesis of enzymes and hormones which are necessary for triggering any chemical reactions in the body.
  • Eating Protein also leads to a process called thermogenesis in our body which means our body burns more calories to digest the food causing us to lose the unwanted extra kilos and flab.
  • Simultaneously they prevent muscle loss by providing the energy required for the intense workout schedules in the form of amino acids of which they are composed.

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There are certain fronts on which all of us who are into gymming, body building or fitness regimens will not compromise come what may-a few among these being:

  • Trouble losing weight
  • Muscle and bone pain
  • Slow muscle growth

What Protein does to our body and its wonderful benefits would make you cherish every penny you spent on it:

1) Want those Adorable Muslces:


Taking Protein before and after workout has been claimed by studies to help enhance muscle recovery and growth. The workout damages the tissues and muscles deliberately so that they can grow back stronger.

Since Proteins are made up of amino acids which help repair the damage, the muscle growth is quick and more enhanced. The enhanced growth is because the body doesn’t have to break down muscles to get energy if sufficient supplementation is provided externally.

2) Say Goodbye to those Binges:

Research has it that taking high Protein diet during your workout schedules makes you lose your unwanted kilos quicker than usual. The reason being that it leads to higher satiety than other carbohydrate or fat filled foods.

It is commonly observed that the amount of high Protein food we can take is usually less than the junk food specially the sweetened one. So it is a two way help-cut out on the carbs and simultaneously grow your muscles.

3) Easy Weight Loss:

Eating Protein rich food helps lower down the absorption of sugar in your body while having a meal. This in turn helps you stay in shape by not adding any undesirable extra calories to the body.

4) Forget the Schedule-Breaker Pain:

Since Proteins are known to build muscles and help repair damage, their presence makes up for the need of body to anaerobically break down muscles to generate energy. This in turn causes less of lactic acid production which is the evil reason behind the cramps you so much hate.

The best and most common source of Protein which we are aware of is sea food like fish, prawns, crabs etc. Other sources high in Protein include white-meat poultry, lean beef, eggs and pork etc. specifically for the non-vegetarians and milk, cheese, yogurt, beans and soy for everyone.

But all these sources fall short of the amount of Protein needed by the body of fitness enthusiasts or people who work-out regularly. The best solution to fulfilling the deficit is Whey Protein. Available in a wide variety now-a-days, it is the thing that tops any fitness freak’s diet chart.

But along with the price which you pay, the quality of the Protein is what builds up the thrill in the young fitness enthusiasts. I have seen and at some point even been a part of them. It was always a competition amongst us about who got the best deal-great quality with the price our wallets could afford for us.

A couple of Whey Proteins that you could try which would make sure to provide you value for money are MFF Whey Protein 70 and MFF Whey Protein 80. These Proteins in addition to the affordable price have the following advantages:

  • No fillers, thickeners or cheap amino acids.
  • Available in both unflavored and flavored form.
  • Low in carb and fats.
  • Aspartame free.
  • Very transparent about the percentage of concentrate which helps you choose the right protein.
  • Certificate of Analysis is provided to make the quality of product extremely good.

MFF Whey Protein 70 is especially for the youngsters who need to manage it from their pocket money. The best part apart from price is-

  • It has 20g of high quality protein in every serving.
  • Increases muscle recovery and metabolic rate.
  • Aspartame free.

The results have been pretty good and MyFitFuel has a plethora of fitness products to offer especially when it comes to Protein products (Whey Protein in particular). You might have a tough time deciding which one to settle for!

Another one of their amazing products which you could give a shot and find beneficial is MFF 100% Whey Protein.

MFF 100% Whey Protein is an 80:20 ratio blend of WPC (Whey Protein Concentrate) and WPI (Whey Protein Isolate). Unlike other Whey Protein blends, it is rich in WPI as well. What sets it apart from the other blends is-

  • 26g pure protein in 32g serving
  • Aspartame free
  • Rich in BCCA (5.8g) and Glutamine (4.3g)
  • The concentration of WPI can be known easily unlike in other blends.
  • It has better digestion and absorption levels which help in quick muscle recovery and build-up.

The word Whey Protein itself has always been under lime-light but I feel before using any product we all should know the reason behind its usage. Our body is a precious gift which we all must adore and take care of.

I would be really glad if the above article helps you be more aware on the reasons and types of Protein to be taken. After all, I strongly believe that sharing our personal experiences is the best way to help others learn. What do you say about it?

Keyur Malani

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