Today we talk about a bodybuilding supplement for boosting the testosterone level.

The topic is ZMA testosterone booster. If you are working hard to build muscles and searching for a new supplement to boost performance, then, you should read about the subject ZMA testosterone further on.

I will answer questions like what is ZMA and how does ZMA really increase testosterone for the fitness seekers, specifically those who seek supplement benefits to build muscle mass and increase endurance. There are many more benefits of ZMA but today, we focus only on one of its many advantages- ZMA testosterone booster.

What is ZMA?

ZMA is two minerals, zinc and magnesium, combined with vitamin B6 to produce a workout supplement. It is a dependable product for the bodybuilders because of its many benefits, more importantly for increasing muscle growth and muscle recovery and aid weight loss.

Why do only bodybuilders need this supplement? During heavy workouts or muscle strengthening training, people lose vitamins and minerals and this includes zinc and magnesium. It happens because of excessive sweating. To reduce the risk of lowering performance, ZMA supplementation is needed.

Magnesium, for example, helps boost immunity and support muscle contractions. B6 vitamin transforms protein into useful energy. Similarly, loss of zinc and magnesium has a negative impact on muscle build-up.

Before I begin the discussion on ZMA testosterone, I need to add another point. The ZMA content is different from the regular form of zinc supplement, in short, the type of zinc used is Zinc Monomethionine Aspartate. It is optimally combined with magnesium and pyridoxine or B6 to generate a fitness supplement.


Does ZMA increase Testosterone?

To begin our discussion on ZMA testosterone booster, it is good to be familiar with testosterone from a fitness perspective.

Testosterone is a part of hormone group called androgens. It is a type of hormone which influences muscle production. During strenuous exercising, testosterone reduces muscle trauma and increases protein production, by binding itself to the muscle cells receptors and charging the bio-chemical signals to release muscle energy.

So, does ZMA really increase testosterone? The answer is a yes and a no.

First thing first, ZMA supplementation is popularly accepted as a T-booster or testosterone booster. However, many research studies suggest the other way. The single dictate is- ZMA does not boost testosterone because it is not designed that way. Then, why is ZMA testosterone booster a reality for the bodybuilders?

The same research studies confirm the fact that ZMA testosterone works. In short, ZMA helps in maintaining high testosterone levels during intense workouts.

But how? Because, during this time, the bodybuilders lose minerals and vitamins like zinc, magnesium and vitamin B6. It is a medically acknowledged fact that a zinc deficiency leads to stooping testosterone levels.

Therefore, it is important for bodybuilders to treat the zinc deficiency, for example, which in turn will control the lowering testosterone levels.

I will explain in the next section of the article on how does ZMA really increase testosterone for bodybuilders.

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How it helps in Boosting Testosterone Levels?


Like I mentioned above, it is primary the role of zinc and its component Aspartate which proves the theory of ZMA testosterone booster.

Aspartate is a safe zinc ingredient and supplementing with zinc (rich in aspartate) helps in boosting the testosterone level. While other forms of zinc such as chelate, sulfate, or citrate form may give you stomach or digestive disorders, aspartate is a high-quality zinc ingredient.

There is conclusive evidence that zinc feed during heavy exercising improves the testosterone level because it corrects the zinc level and thus, boost the testosterone level.

But, does it still confuse you why ZMA and not a zinc supplement? I have answered it partially by including facts on the zinc form. To further support ZMA testosterone supplementation logic, is the content of magnesium and B6 vitamin in it. Both, magnesium and B6 vitamin, increase the absorption of zinc in the body, in turn, leading to testosterone boost.

In addition, B6 is a nutrient which produces testosterone by suppressing estrogen (a reproductive tissue) and thus, increasing the testosterone level. Magnesium, on the other hand, helps in relaxing muscles which led to many scientific conclusions on it (magnesium) being a T-booster.

It is now wise to say that the benefit of natural minerals and vitamins in ZMA supplementation boosts the testosterone levels.

How to use it for Optimal Testosterone Gains?

There are many ways to boost testosterone and one of the fine ways is- making a supplement change. This is where ZMA testosterone comes into the picture. The ultimate objective is to correct the lowered zinc, magnesium and vitamin B6 levels.

Like any other gym supplement, ZMA too needs to be taken in moderation to regulate the hormonal action specifically. An elevated level of testosterone can increase body hair and lead to reproductive aggression.

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The ratio of the three ingredients (of ZMA) must be in the specified proportion, to let the ZMA supplement deliver.

The specified quantities are Vitamin B6-11 mg, Zinc-30 mg and Magnesium-450 mg. It is important to take only the recommended dosage of ZMA supplement in a day.

The usual is once or maximum, twice in a day. The ideal time to take it is before going to bed, on an empty stomach. It works to improve muscle growth when you sleep. You can even take it first thing in the morning to active the anabolic hormones in the body and initiate the muscle mass building process during the day.


ZMA testosterone booster works and it is not just that. Even though today we spoke exclusively about the muscle mass building or muscle recovery aspects of ZMA supplementation, it is good to remember that Zinc and minerals are not only needed to maintain muscle health.

It also helps in sustaining the good health of heart, kidneys and bones, for example. Besides, magnesium improves energy production and moderates calcium in the body. This is directly related to the fact of strengthened bones during heavy workouts.

So, if we are getting so many benefits in one supplement including the ZMA testosterone, do we not need to bother too much about zinc and magnesium dose then?

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