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Returns, Replacement and Cancellations Policy


a.      What is the general return policy on MyFitFuel™?

14 days Return Policy.

In MyFitFuel™ we always value our customer satisfaction and we work hard to always keep you happy. Although all our products are made after working in detail on every point from ingredients to labeling to bring the best sports and fitness nutrition products, there are times when you are still not satisfied. Well, not a problem!

You are not satisfied but still, we care for your belief in our products so we give an option for you to inform us within 14 days of the date of receipt of delivery. Please make sure that the product is unused, unopened, boxes and other packaging is intact. Because we always value our customers we can discuss every matter and incase we take return then customer should be willing to bear the nominal courier return charges which are calculated according to the weight of order which is being returned.

You will have an option to take a refund or exchange the product, as per your request after we have received the returning product. If you have made payment by card we will refund in the same bank account. For the money paid by cash on delivery or any other mode, we will issue a cheque in the registered name of the customer.  

Please note that replacements are subject to the availability of particular products and please go through our replacement policy for further details.


b.      What should I do if I receive a Defective/damaged item or not something which you ordered?

There are circumstances when the product delivered, are defective or not something which you have ordered. Under such circumstances, you can inform us within the 7 days of receipt of the product.  You can inform us on by writing a mail on [email protected] or calling us on +91-8800115410

Our customer support representative will help you instantly and we will arrange a reverse pickup for the order. As soon as we receive your items back, we issue the full refund or exchange with the similar item as per your request.  

We inspect it to ensure everything is present and is in original conditions, please return the product in original packaging along with original box, price tags, and invoice.

Please note that replacements are subject to the availability of particular products.


c.       What is your category specific policy for return?

Before going through our Return /Replacement policy of Nutrition products with individual points, we would like to inform our customers that we serve premium products and you get same Nutrition values that we claim in Nutrition Facts.

If ever in doubt, we always motivate our customer to do lab test of the product as we are confident about the quality of our product we serve because we follow strict procurement and international quality manufacturing standards.


  • Unopened/unused product- Our sports nutrition products should be received in original packaging as you received. The product should be sealed as original, opened or used products will not be accepted as returns.
  • Aroma and Taste- Product cannot be returned or replaced if :
    • You don’t find the aroma and taste satisfactory as per your personal preference. Taste is a very subjective matter with everyone having their individual preferences where one person might like it and another might dislike it.
    • You have a notion that there is a change in the taste of the product. We import flavors and sweeteners from different countries like US, UK, Canada, Germany, etc. As Nutrition company our first preference is to always serve you high quality nutrition products but sometimes taste of product might differ due to many things such as we trying to improve our flavors or might change flavor suppliers if we found an issue in quality of old one or sometimes it’s not flavor but its natural changes in other added ingredient in product which might change the taste. Example, natural milk flavor also changes during different weather season and if it’s milk-based product then there might be some changes in overall taste due to this same reason of milk natural flavor change.  Buy saying that, this never means the quality of the product has been compromised. You will get exactly the same nutrition values as claimed.
  • Medical Consultation- We do not provide medical consultation and for issues like rashes, stomach upset, headache, would not be applicable for return. Please consult with your doctor before buying the products. 
  • Solubility & Texture – Products cannot be replaced or returned due to personal notion towards Solubility and texture. Solubility and texture of one brand might differ from another and sometimes one batch manufactured might differ with another batch manufactured of same product due to many natural circumstances which might change chemical and physical property. One example like winter/summers of production of one ingredient which make slight physical property difference in that ingredient leading whole product to differ. But having a difference in Solubility and texture never means the product is not as nutritious as claimed.


Sports and fitness accessories- return policy is only applicable in case of issue with size or product received damaged.


Services- This category is not applicable for any refund.


d.      I need to return an item, how do I arrange for a pickup?

You can Contact Us to initiate a return. You will receive a call from our customer service executive explaining the process, once you have initiated a return. 

Wherever possible we will facilitate the pick-up of the item through our courier partners. 


e.      What are the modes of refund available after cancellation or return?

For payment made by:

Debit/Credit or any other Card- We will refund in the same bank account.

Cash on delivery or any other mode- We will issuea cheque in the registered name ofthe customer.




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