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  1. MyFitFuel Advance 100% Whey Protein Powder Blend with Premium Digestive Enzymes veg_icon.png
    from ₹ 692

    6 more variant(s) available
  2. Advance MFF Whey Protein 80™ veg_icon.png
    from ₹ 679

    2 more variant(s) available
  3. MyFitFuel 100% Whey Protein Powder in India at Best Pric veg_icon.png
    from ₹ 1869

    2 more variant(s) available
  4. MyFitFuel Hydrolyzed (Hydro) Pre Digested Whey Protein In India veg_icon.png
    from ₹ 899

    2 more variant(s) available
  5. MFF Lean Muscle Mass veg_icon.png
    from ₹ 4089

    1 more variant(s) available
  6. MyFitFuel Best Micellar Casein (Slow Release) Protein Powder in India veg_icon.png
    from ₹ 649

    2 more variant(s) available
  7. MyFitFuel 100% Soy Protein Isolate Powder At Best Price In India veg_icon.png
    from ₹ 839

    1 more variant(s) available
  1. Advance MFF 100% Whey Protein™ veg_icon.png

    1 OFFER
    from ₹ 692 ₹9,099

    • More Whey Protein Isolate. Unique 25:75 Blend of Whey Isolate and Whey Concentrate
    • 28.5gm  Protein on “Dry Basis”. 26.5gm Protein on “As is” Basis” in Vanilla Crème Flavor
    • 26.5gm  Protein on “Dry Basis”. 24.8gm Protein on “As is” Basis” in Chocolate Fudge Flavor
    • Added Digezyme® latest Digestive Enzymes Technology. 
    • Added 22 Vitamins and Minerals for better growth and overall nourishment of body 
    • Advance Protein for better results.
    • Highly Low in fat and carbohydrate. Contains no Sugar & Aspartame.
    • High source of BCAA, Glutamine, and Essential Amino Acids
  2. Advance MFF Whey Protein 80™ veg_icon.png

    1 OFFER
    from ₹ 679 ₹5,249

    Advance MFF Whey Protein 80 is a researched advance form of protein which is designed to help you achieve your muscle building and fitness goal in much better way.

    • Protein on “Dry Basis” 25gm on “As is” Basis” 23.2gm in Rich Chocolate Delight Flavor 
    • Added Digezyme® latest Digestive Enzymes Technology.
    • Added 22 Vitamins and Minerals for better growth and overall nourishment of body
    • Helps in Lean muscle growth. Contains no Sugar & Aspartame
    • Low in fat and carbohydrate. No Sugar and No Aspartame
    • Better recovery with 5.2gm BCAA, 3.9gm Glutamine, 11.3gm EAA’s in Rich Chocolate Delight Flavor.
  3. MFF 100% Whey Protein™ veg_icon.png

    1 OFFER
    from ₹ 1869 ₹8,599

    MFF 100% Whey Protein after deep research is made of High grade Pure Whey Protein Concentrate and Isolate. This Protein blend is unlike other whey blends that use tiny amount of Isolate, but it is made to provide the unique 80:20 split ratio of Whey protein concentrate and whey protein isolate, making it a premium low fat whey protein blend. Being impressively rich in BCAA (5.8 gm) and Glutamic acid (4.3gm)/per serving, this amino acid profile helps in more muscle tissue growth and better workout recovery.

    • 26 gm pure protein per 32gm serving. (81.25%)
    • 80:20 ratio of Whey Concentrate & Isolate
    • 5.8 gm BCAA and 4.3 gm Glutamine Rich
    • No aspartame added
  4. MFF Hydrolyzed Whey Protein™ veg_icon.png

    1 OFFER
    from ₹ 899 ₹7,499

    MFF Hydrolyzed Whey Protein is advance technology partially pre-digested protein where the protein goes through hydrolysis process that breaks down its protein into peptides which are very easy to digest and absorb. This protein is made is made for quick recovery and contains complete amino acid source for better muscle development.

    • Partially Pre-digested technology protein.
    • Naturally faster to absorb in muscles than any other protein source.
    • 30 gm Protein on “Dry basis”, 29 gm Protein on “As is basis” in unflavored
    • 7.2 gm BCAA, 5.9 gm Glutamine in every serving in unflavored.
    • Pure fresh milk based protein with complete Amino Acid profile.
    • Ideal for very quick muscle repair, recovery & growth.
    • Aspartame & Sugar Free
  5. MFF Lean Muscle Mass veg_icon.png

    1 OFFER
    from ₹ 4089 ₹4,089

    This bundle is designed specially to promotes lean muscle mass and help you achieve the lean muscular physique. Combination of MFF Whey Protein 80™, Creatine Monohydrate 200 Mesh and Pure Glutamine helps to recover your body quickly and improve the over Muscle Strength & Mass.

    • Designed to Promote Lean Muscle Mass.
    • Cutting-edge solution with wonderful products
    • Contains our 3 best selling products.
  6. MFF Micellar Casein™ veg_icon.png

    1 OFFER
    from ₹ 649 ₹4,999

    MFF Micellar Casein best known as bed time protein is slow to digest and provides sustained release of Amino Acids. Its complete amino acid protein with high source of BCAA helps in continuous supply of amino acid for the muscle repair, recovery and growth. Its anti-catabolic property reduces muscle breakdown and helps to increase the muscle mass.

    • Slow release protein ideal for bed time or between meals.
    • 26.9 gm Protein on “Dry basis”, 25.6 gm Protein on “As is basis” in Unflavored
    • 4.7 gm BCAA, 4.6 gm Glutamine every serving in unflavored. 
    • Pure milk based protein with complete Amino Acid profile.
    • Ideal for sustained protein release for muscle repair, recovery & growth.
    • Aspartame & Sugar Free
  7. MFF Plant Soy Protein Isolate™ veg_icon.png

    1 OFFER
    from ₹ 839 ₹3,599

    MFF Plant Soy Protein Isolate 90 is 100% vegetarian protein made from soy beans. It is best suitable for Vegans or anyone looking non-animal source of protein. This has very high PDCAA’s of 1. It provide high amount of protein and naturally occurring amino acids such as BCAA;s, Glutamine, Arginine and other essential amino acids for better muscle repair, recovery and growth

    • 100% Plant Vegan Protein from vegetable (Soy).
    • Protein 32.7 gm on Dry basis and 31gm on As is basis in every serving of unflavored.
    • Provides 5.6 gm BCAA, 5.9 gm Glutamine and 11.9 gm EAA
    • Rich source of L-Arginine
    • Ultra low in fat and carbohydrate.
    • Easy to Digest and Mix. 100% Lactose Free.
    • No sugar, No Aspartame, No Artificial flavor and color added
  8. MFF™ Essential Recovery Protein (Complete Recovery Protein) veg_icon.png

    1 OFFER
    from ₹ 799 ₹3,299


    • Provides Complete Essential Post workout recovery
    • Helps to replenish Glycogen level
    • 20gm Protein per serving on “as is basis” in Double Rich Chocolate Flavor 
    • Premium Protein from 5 different sources of Protein.
    • Provides 6gm BCAA and 3.3gm Glutamic Acid in Double Rich Chocolate Flavor.
    • No Skim Milk Powder or Soy Protein added.
    • Added BCAA, Vitamins and Minerals for better recovery
    • Added Vitamin C helps as an antioxidant & to maintain immunity.
  9. MFF™ Recovery Gold Protein (Advance Recovery Protein) veg_icon.png

    1 OFFER
    from ₹ 849 ₹3,699


    • Advance Post workout recovery protein for Muscle and Glycogen level.
    • Added DigeZyme® (Advance Digestive Enzymes Blend)
    • 29gm Protein per serving on “as is basis”. 
    • More Whey Protein Isolate and Hydrolyzed Whey for faster muscle recovery.
    • Gold Recovery through 5 premium source of protein
    • Provides 7.7 gm BCAA and 4.8gm Glutamic Acid.
    • No Skim milk powder or Soy Protein added.
    • Researched ratio of BCAA, Vitamins, and Minerals for better recovery
    • Added Vitamin C helps as an antioxidant & to maintain immunity.

A common perception among people is without putting to the fat content of your body, you can't gain muscles. People who wish to build muscles begin gaining weight intentionally. Why put on weight when your ultimate goal is to obtain a lean muscular body? There are certainly a selection of supplements for sale in the supplement market that help you increase lean muscle mass without putting on extra fat weight. 

Let us start by explaining what is Lean Muscle Mass?. Lean muscle mass is when you want to increase your muscle but shred fat removing unwanted body fat helping you look muscular but with lean body. The question is how to develop muscles while staying slim. Correct understanding, and a powerful diet and workout plan are required to get lean body mass. It is not that fats should be completely eliminated. However, it is encouraged to consume fats in a symmetrical method – more protein, less fat. Let’s discuss how you may get your dream shape.

If you are already bulked up, then finding a product to create muscles is useless as muscle-building the bodyweight is seemingly added on towards by supplements for getting muscles, a lean body is required to have some room for the supplement to show its effects. Otherwise, you'll eventually find yourself dieting to get rid of that additional weight. The fact is that if you have body fat deposits, the body considers all nutrient-rich foods as fats. This hampers your body’s capability to distinguish between nutrients. But a slim body has effective and healthy metabolism, which aids your body in developing muscle tissue and not fats.

What to eat to create Lean Muscle Mass?

MyFitFuel serves high quality products which are also considered as the best protein for lean muscle mass. Whey protein isolates and whey protein are several examples of muscle building proteins that are increasing popularity among bodybuilders who aim at building lean body size and eliminate excess weight.

These MyFitFuel products which are also considered as top lean muscle mass powder supplements in India have some other advantages, like high-fibre content for easy digestion, increasing metabolism and weight loss. They also help you to increase the strength of your muscles. Their quick-to-act action makes them a much-preferred selection among fitness enthusiasts who desire quick results before or after gym sessions. These proteins effectively boost the normal support system of your body and assist in swift recovery after workouts.

Fat burners are a popular supplement among bodybuilders who wish to lose weight and speed up the metabolism. These products reduce the hunger and control unwanted hunger pangs to stop you from bunging on unhealthy foods.

Multivitamins are an essential supplement that may be used in conjunction with another product or alone. Multivitamin products from different brands provide varying advantages, like metabolism increase muscle recovery, muscle building and greater strength to do better in the gym.

MyFitFuel offers you a wide range of product for you to buy best lean mass protein online in India with COD (cash on delivery) option throughout the country. If you are looking to buy lean mass protein which is also known as your six pack nutrition then do checkout our imported range of lean mass protein supplements designed to meet your requirements.

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