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Buy Reusable Tubs Online

Many customers ask that why we sell our protein in resealable pack but not in reusable tubs. We at Myfitfuel believe in 100% transparency and charge our customers only for the actual protein and try to minimize the other costs around the protein. Whenever you buy a protein from other brands offering you a protein tub every time you shop. You end up paying extra cost for tub too.

Also, you pay the extra cost every time you shop and end up throwing extra and waste tubs.

Hence we at Myfitfuel sell reusable tub as a one-time investment and you end up paying only for the protein.

The MFF reusable tub is made and designed for those customers who prefer taking protein in their tub. To add more convenience, the tub is given a label to write the name of the protein you added to reusable tub. So if you are taking multiple protein with multiple reusable tubs, you can be sure of what protein you are taking.

This also reduces our cost of providing you the best protein. The saved cost is invested in more research, innovation and quality of the end product provided to you.

The reusable tub has following advantages over other reusable tub:
• High-grade plastic tub
• Easy to use
• Table to mention the protein stored in tub.

Shop at Myfitfuel and get best reusable tub online. Join hands with Myfitfuel.
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