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(Are you Skinny? High In Protein Try Best Supplement For Weight Gain In India Without Side Effects)

  1. MyFitFuel Best Essential Recovery Protein in India

    MFF™ Essential Recovery Protein (Complete Recovery Protein) veg_icon.png

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    • Provides Complete Essential Post workout recovery
    • Helps to replenish Glycogen level
    • 20gm Protein per serving on “as is basis” in Double Rich Chocolate Flavor 
    • Premium Protein from 5 different sources of Protein.
    • Provides 6gm BCAA and 3.3gm Glutamic Acid in Double Rich Chocolate Flavor.
    • No Skim Milk Powder or Soy Protein added.
    • Added BCAA, Vitamins and Minerals for better recovery
    • Added Vitamin C helps as an antioxidant & to maintain immunity.
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